Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Much pleasure doth thou bring me! O Christmas tree

fish bowls and
popcorn magic
When I was growing up, putting up the Christmas tree was a really big deal.  As a family, the five of us went to the corner tree lot to examine and finally chose the biggest and best shaped tree.  When we got home, my father put the tree in a bucket of sugar water and left it to stand in the garage for a week.  Seems to me, the tree went up long about the second week-end or so of December. 

As small children we were allowed to put ornaments on the tree – except for the oldest and most fragile ones.  Those we carried from Mother, as she unpacked them, to Dad who hung them high up on the tree.  As we grew older, putting up the tree became a party of sorts with friends coming over and then later, grandchildren helping to decorate.
you can never have too many lights!


and friends

mother will probably haunt me
for this

Take care.

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  1. back when trees were allowed to be trees and not pruned from birth into a perfect conical shape.