Tuesday, May 2, 2023

April Showers


Bring May Flowers

So we’ve had the April Showers and right now I have a yard filled with May Flowers.  sort of . . . .



Wood Violets



Well, that’s okay.  Flowers iz flowers – right?

I occasionally fascinate and astound you with odd facts about the happenings for different days (week, month).  And, since I know nada of great interest, I thought I’d do so again.  However, THIS time I’m passing on information early so you can mark your calendar in expectation for some exciting, fun, not-to-be-missed and totally weird things.  

First of all – May, May, the lusty month of May is also

Amaranth month

Each month the Whole Grains Council features a “Grain of the Month”, including information on its health beneļ¬ts, cooking tips and recipes, historical/cultural facts, and more.  May’s Grain of the Month, the pseudocereal Amaranth, makes up for what it lacks in size and perhaps recognition by packing a nutritional punch. Mentioned in Aesop’s fables and Milton’s Paradise Lost and sometimes called the “food of immortality” by the Aztecs, this resilient and visually striking plant has recently gained popularity in the health food scene and is ready to retake the spotlight.

Drum month

International Drum Month is celebrated in May, and we can feel the rhythm and joy already. What is it about drums that create deep connections with forces greater than us? Drumming is hypnotic, compelling listeners to sway or jump at each turn. Music has always offered humans a space for connection. Drums achieve this quite spectacularly. Perhaps their beat mimics the energy and sound of the earth. Their sounds call us to become who we ought to be — happy, unfettered, and making meaningful connections. Every year in May, musicians everywhere celebrate this most beloved musical instrument.

Mystery month

Started by the American Library Association, Mystery Month highlights all things mysterious. Mysteries, with their unusual situations, puzzling clues, usual suspects, and plenty of unexplained phenomena, are great for readers of all ages.

And, so we move onto Weeks to celebrate -

National Hug Week: 1-7

Craft Brewers Week: 7-10

National Public Gardens Week: 12-21

National Unicycle Week: 21-27

Old-Time Player Piano Weekend:  26-28

And, finally Days

Garden Meditation Day: 3

Great American Grump Out: 3

I included two different ‘holidays’ on one day because one seems to offset the other.

This next one is for my son-in-law . . . . .

Tuba Day: 5

International Tuba Day was created to recognize tubists in musical organizations around the world who have to go through the hassle of handling a tuba. What hassles do tubists have? Tuba players obviously have hassles due to the size and weight of their instruments, but what is actually more of a hassle for tuba players is the prevalence of stereotyped attitudes among people towards tubists and their role in a musical organization.

World Naked Gardening Day:  6

No Socks Day: 8

Eat What You Want Day: 11

Crouton Day: 13

World Bee Day: 20

Sherlock Holmes Day: 22

International Tiara Day: 24

Cookie Monster's Birthday: 25

Joe Cool Day: 27

Mint Julep Day: 30

National Smile Day: 31

2 May 2023