Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hand Tales

Once upon a time I was asked what’s the first thing I notice about others.  Well, probably the first thing is just a general overall “photo” in my mind of the person from hair to toe.  But the thing I really notice, the thing that sticks with me, that tells me about that person, is their hands.  Hands are very expressive – they can poke, hold, dig, show love or anger, tell stories, produce art and music, show confidence or fear, be graceful and firm, and reveal our thoughts.  

I may be more apt to remember if someone I've  met has nicely manicured and well tended hands.  I may not remember exactly what they are wearing but I will remember if their fingernails are painted orange and purple.  

At some point, when obviously I wasn’t paying attention, my grandchildren’s hands went from this

To this

Seems to have happened overnight. 

Take care

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