Sunday, September 27, 2020

Moving – Three


And, this will be the last installment on moving as I’m sure you are as tired of it as I am by now.  I shall start with this bit of practical information – Swearing (and possibly stomping, jumping up and down, and/or screaming) is a necessary thing otherwise you’re likely to run screaming down the street with the guys in the white jackets and nets chasing you.

 So – what’s next after the packing? 


One bright HOT Saturday morning my daughter, son-in-law, grandchildren, niece, nephew all showed up at my house


aaaand we moved stuff.


They got all the heavy furniture moved into the new house and placed more-or-less where it would stay.

 Then, I spent a couple weeks moving boxes


Unpacking boxes


Trying to find places for things that came out of boxes


Then, my other daughter came out to spend her vacation (working her patootie off) with me.


We moved plants, yard art, windchimes cleaned out the shed, picked up the last few boxes


Four – 4 – f-o-u-r truck loads of plants!  Four jam-packed full truckloads of plants!  (I think, perhaps, I was a bit over-zealous with plants)

 We hung pictures, art work, found places for stuff, organized closets and generally made the new house look like I live here.

 We also did some cleaning, patching, painting at the old house.  And, after she left, I continued to patch/paint/clean.


Finally I started on the yards.  No fewer than four large branches fell just before and during the storm warning.  Those had to be cut up and stacked for heavy trash.  Picked up a bazillion downed small branches, pulled weeds (dug up a couple more plants) and generally made the yard presentable.


If you want to see the house, it’s here –


Now, I feel like this –


so I’m taking a couple days off to relax and renew.

 27 Sep 2020

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Moving – Two

 So, everyone knows what happens after you make the decision to move, decide on the where to move, decide on the what to move into.  Next is to start going through closets, cabinets, drawers, tubs, and boxes in order to determine what all you have to move.


This is not something I like to do.  Why?  Well, never fails, as soon as you discard something, you need it – right that minute.  Also, I’m a bit of a pack rat and only the gods knew what all was in the above-mentioned closets, drawers, etc.  Yes, there were some tubs that I had absolutely no idea what was really in them (hadn’t looked in them for nearly 10 years) BUT probably things I wanted/needed.

 However, knowing I was downsizing, I valiantly moved forward to going through things.  For instance, over the years of many sets of glasses, I had managed to accumulate 15 small juice glasses.  I never use small juice glasses.  I don’t even know why the makers of glassware actually make them anymore.  Okay – keep four, give up 11 (you never know when you MIGHT need one or four).  Good start!

 And, so it went and ultimately, I had a stack of 3 or 4 tubs sorta filled up and stacked in the garage.  Good for me!

 Then my oldest daughter arrived at my house for a week.


It was scary.  We went through the house – every closet, drawer, bookcase, cabinet, those boxes I had not gotten into for 10 years - everything and on everything the questions


What is this?

When did you last see it?

When did you last use it?

 were asked.  No answer – into a ‘NO’ tub.  In one week we got more done than I had managed to do in the previous couple of weeks.  When all was said and done, there were 12 tubs filled full and stacked in the garage for a future sale.  And, I’m sure I still need some of that stuff but …….

 After she left, I did start packing things into boxes.  A tiring process and something I do not enjoy.

 Then my youngest daughter and grandson came out.


She sat and packed boxes while grandson and I took heavy and/or awkward things off the walls.

 And, when they left, my house looked like I didn’t live there anymore.

 And lastly, my sister came over and


when she left, it really didn’t look like I lived there.

 Meanwhile – the new house got delivered, tied down, the septic system was installed, plumbing to the house was done, electricity was installed and all of it happened more quickly than anyone expected.

 You know what came next – right?  Actually moving furniture.

 Next = Moving – Three


23 Sep 2020

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Side Bar


So just a quick side bar.  For any that might have heard, our area is under a Tropical Storm Warning.  This means the storm just off the Texas coast is coming our way.  Oh goodie.

According to John Bacon and Meagan Falcon of USA TODAY, Tropical Storm Beta “becomes the latest in a long line of storms this hurricane season forecast to batter the region and the record books.  Beta already has made history as the 23rd-named tropical storm in the Atlantic, replacing Alpha, nearly 15 years ago. Alpha, which formed on Oct. 22, 2005, was the first-ever storm to be assigned a Greek letter. (that means the namers of storms ran out of letters to use for names – ugh)  Beta, with maximum sustained winds of 60 mph, was about 140 miles southeast of Galveston, Texas, Sunday afternoon. It was expected to make landfall Monday or early Tuesday between Corpus Christi and Galveston.”

 Here in Wharton, we are about 40 miles inland from the coast at Matagorda, which is right between Corpus Christi and Galveston.  Oh goodie again.  We are expecting wind and rain.


I spent a couple hours last night moving all my potted plants, yard art, umbrellas, and anything else I thought would be eligible as a projectile, to some place I hope will be secure (tight up against the house on the north side).

 Rain started about 2pm here and probably won’t stop until Tuesday.  Oh goodie, goodie, gumdrops.

 Not to worry though, in the greater of scheme of storms, this is just a baby.  Still, all is well.  The new house is securely tied down.  I told the old house to “hunker down and hold on”.  And, I told all the pecan trees to hold onto their damn branches!

 20 Sep 2020

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Moving – One


Okay – I shall say this just to start off – I HATE TO MOVE! 


 The decision to move was one I’ve known for a while I’d have to make and make sooner rather than later for a lot of boring reasons.  But, one of the top five reasons – trying to take care of that very large yard filled with pecan trees that insisted on dropping huge branches regularly and filled with grass that insisted on being mowed weekly and living in SW Texas where it is summer for 70% of the year, therefore making the yard-work season veeery looong and having an older house that insisted on having regular problems/repairs dealt with – just got to be too much for me to handle alone, specially as I get older.  Whew!

 Next part of the decision was WHERE to move.  I have children in New Mexico, Virginia, and here in the greater Houston area.  Unfortunately, all three have, themselves, thoughts of moving within the next five years.  Ugh.  

 I thought about living where my heart is – close to the Gulf. 


 Where is the question.  The TX Gulf is 600 miles long.  Positive - there are many lovely places.  Negative - I’d be alone.  I don’t do well alone.  And, there are those pesky storms. 

 I thought about living places close to good friends or grandchildren. 


 San Antonio, TX – 7th largest city in the US, and 2nd largest in Texas.  Positive -two grandchildren there –   Negative – both of whom are still deciding what/where they want to be when they grow up, difficult living options, very big city.


 Austin, TX – capital and the 11th largest city in the US and 4th largest in Texas.  Positive – I have a long-time friend living there.  Negative – living options are very difficult, very expensive, big city.

 I thought about living in what – apartment? condo? rental?  I didn’t really want to buy another house.  Unless I could find a 55+ Apartment Complex, two grandchildren discouraged me from apartment living because (1) in my 70+ years I’ve only lived in an apartment for maybe 2 years (maybe not quite that long), when I was considerably younger and a lot more flexible, (2) I have the Demon Duo, and (3) a house full of furniture; a yard full of plants.  Aarrghhh!

My sister suggested another option.  She owns a large property across from her house and would put a home on it for me.  We had several discussions about that.  I talked it over with my children.  I agonized on the decision.  Honest-to-god, my cardiologist decided to increase my heart meds during this time.

 Finally – decision made.  Ellen and I would work together to put a house on her property.  So, we started house shopping and here it is today -


 A work in progress.

 Next – Moving – Two – Packing and Making More Decisions

19 Sept 2020

Thursday, September 17, 2020

I think (maybe, possibly, could be) I’m back!

 So, before I talk about THE MOVE FROM HELL, I’m going to ease back in with something else.  Never fear, you’ll probably be tired of hearing about THE MOVE FROM HELL, before all is said and done.

 September!  Yay!  It’s September!  The first day of Autumn is September 22.  It’s going to cool down – somewhere – it’s going to cool down somewhere not here.  Okay, it’s cooling down here too – from 95° to 89°.  Of course, with 80% humidity, it will likely feel like 107°.  This is better than 869°, which is what it’s felt like since June. 

 The leaves magically change to beautiful colors . . .


Somewhere not here.
  Here the leaves turn brown.  Has to do with the type of tree and the amount of cold in Autumn (yeah, we don’t get much of that in September – cold).


 But, that’s ok because here I can walk barefoot along the beach in September and October and probably November!


 Here’s an odd fact - Spring, Summer, and Winter all only have one name.  However, the third season has two – Autumn and Fall.  And once upon a time it had another – ‘Haerfest”.  Haerfest, which (used in the 12th and 13th centuries) means the act of taking in crops, eventually became called Harvest season.  So, I guess that makes four names.  Most of our crops have long since been harvested here but you know it is September when the cotton fields look like this –


 And then, like this –


 What else is happening in September, you ask.  Well, it’s

 Bourbon Heritage Month

   An observance in the United States that calls for celebration of bourbon as America's "Native Spirit".  Well, whatever floats you along – I’ll pass, thank you.


 Happy Healthy Cat Month

   Pretty sure the Demon Duo fit into that category of happy, healthy.


 World Beach Month

   An annual global awareness celebration to remind everyone around the world the importance, beauty and enjoyment the beach brings.  See above!

 Hummingbird Celebration Week

   This is the month those little Hummers start their long migration across the Gulf of Mexico to their winter home in Mexico and South America.  They travel nearly 4000 miles.  It’s a good time to set out your feeders.


 And, finally, today is

 Time's Up Day

   Time's Up Day is a day to let you know that if you've been waiting to make up with someone close to you, that you've officially run out of time and it's time to make amends. Life's too short to be on bad terms with those you care about.  Think you have days, months or years to reach out?  Forget it – you’re not even guaranteed a tomorrow!


 17 September 2020