Monday, March 5, 2018

Spring is popping up all over!

All my little seedlings are just coming up everywhere!  Yea!  Then, there are a bunch of things coming up that I didn’t plant.  Hmmmmm.  Last year I had a couple of Texas Coreopsis plants.  Just two or three.  I’m thinking as of right now I have a huge bunch more coming up from seeds those two or three dropped.  I think I will have to do some selective pruning.  There are a few things I planted and have no idea what they are.  I try to be good about putting a tag but …..  Well, poop!

no idea 
The mint, lemon balm, and catnip have all come back up since the flood/freeze and are completely intermingled.  Sigh.  Even the leaves are starting to smell the same.  And, I do know that you shouldn’t put different mint-related plants together.  I tell people that all the time.  (It’s a “do as I say, not as I do” thing.)  Well, to quote Scarlett “I won't think about that now. I'll think about that tomorrow.”

None of the baby plumerias have started putting out leaves.  It’s early still. 

 My nephew’s date seed is going full bore.  I think it’s going to look like a date palm tree soon.  Then I’m giving it to him.

There are still things I’d like to plant.  Dahlias.  I like dahlias.  I don’t think they will grow here – hot and humid, you know.

It would be helpful if the planting maps – the ones that tell you what growing zone you’re in – would be based on heat and humidity and not cold. 

I’d also like to plant hellebores, an evergreen perennial flowering plant. So – did you know!!

"Black hellebore" was used by the Greek and Romans to treat paralysis, gout and other diseases, including insanity.  Yes, Black hellebore is also toxic, causing tinnitus, vertigo, stupor, thirst, a feeling of suffocation, swelling of the tongue and throat, and death from cardiac arrest.  Perhaps it’s best to not use it as a medicinal herb.  Then, it was thought hellebore had ties to summoning demons.  Though I’m not sure why someone would want a demon – they probably bite.

Personally, I think the flowers are pretty.  However ……. heat and humidity.  Sigh.

I’d also like to plant Moonwort (Lunaria).  And, if I can find seeds, I will.  I actually did order seeds from an Amazon vendor.  Never arrived.  Grrrrrrr.

And, this is a personal experience and comment.  I would never recommend any of the Amazon plant vendors.  I’ve ordered seeds from several and, (1) they never arrived or (2) none (NONE, as in not one single seed) have ever sprouted.  I’m a pretty competent gardener.  I check on the best way to plant the seeds and keep them in a greenhouse situation.  I don’t think I’m at fault here.

Well, Saturday coming, I’m off to the plant nursery where I will probably get more things than I have a place for but ……. what else is new!

Take care

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