Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Estate Sale: a sale or auction.. dispose of a substantial portion of the materials owned by a person who is recently deceased or who must dispose of their personal property to facilitate a move.

I’ve mentioned before that my sister and I often attend estate sales in our general area.  Mostly they’re within 25 or so miles but occasionally we venture out a little further.  Recently we attended a sale in a gated community in Sugar Land – had to make an appointment to go to it (and how strange is that).  That particular one was a “downsizing to facilitate a move” sale.  The owners hovered rather nervously around all over the potential customers.  I think the rule should be, family members need to leave the premises (same as a realtor showing a house – although – after watching the movie “Open House”, maybe hanging out in the yard would work).  It was interesting, though like a big garage sale inside the house not a “selling everything not nailed down” sale. 

Then last week we went to one in East Bernard, a small town just slightly north and west of here.  It was a little tiny house in the middle of nowhere.  There was the house, a large shed, a small barn, a garage, and a variety of items sprinkled around the yard.  Some of the oddest things were for sale.  Like, the doors off the kitchen cabinets and the drawers in the cabinets.  Like every interior door in the house.  There was all the expected furniture – bed and dressers from maybe early 1900’s, relatively modern sofa and chairs, odd table or two.  A large number of crosses with the crucified Christ.  The older pieces of furniture need much work as the lacquer had “alligatored” over time or the tops had warped.  It was all pretty pricey, all things considered.  Some of the items, like an ordinary card table - $35, could have been bought new for nearly the same price.  The real price shockers were outside though. 

Termite eaten wood box - $45

I’m not certain what this thing with
the wooden top is but the top is completely
bug eaten and the inside is full of holes.
That nifty little wheel - $100

Two sets of 3 spokes each 
from a windmill
$50 each

The, by far, best thing we saw was this –
A box of cobalt blue shot
glasses.  Each glass had a
name etched on it.
Yes - it says 'Booger'
Don't ask me - I don't know.

The most expensive, moderately useless thing we saw was this –


I often wonder what prompts the pricing.  Is it the owners?  Or just the agents looking at things through different eyes.  And, I wonder what happens to all these things that don't sell.  Myself, I think I'd paint that big plow thing bright green or blue or red and plant flowers all around it.

Take care

Baby Blue Eyes

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