Sunday, March 25, 2018

"Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the flowers iz."

 March 20, was Ostara (the vernal equinox) marking that Spring and warmer, sunnier days have come.  It’s a good time to try an Earth Meditation.  Chose a quiet place outside.  Lay down so you are fully in contact with the earth.  (Watch out for ants - they are everywhere!)   Feel your connection to the earth. Feel the warmth of the sun.  Imagine that warmth growing and spreading from your body into the ground. Visualize the awakening roots, seeds, and other life that is just below the surface.  Breath quietly.  It’s a good meditation – you lend the earth your strength and the earth gives back its strength to you. 

For me, however, the vernal equinox, first day of spring, Ostara or whatever you may call the official changing of seasons, winter to warmer weather, is the day my pecan trees actually put out leaves.  As soon as the leaves appear we can be assured the cold weather is past.  My trees have had leaf buds for the past couple of weeks but no leaves have appeared.  Today, I saw the first ones and I’m sure by tomorrow the trees will be covered with new green leaves. 

 March and April are very pretty times of the year here in south central Texas.  Lots things are blooming.  So, in answer to the little poem above,

The flowers iz here!

Wild Flowers

and lots of other blooming things

It has been an interesting month weather-wise.  Dry, windy, warm one day and chilly the next.  While many things have greened out or started coming up, it seems to me most of my plants are growing rather slowly.  Could it be spring??? Actual spring???

Take care

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