Sunday, March 11, 2018

as my father would say, Now grow damnit!

Yesterday the Fort Bend Master Gardeners had their annual Vegetable and Herb sale.  They start weeks previously with seeds, pots and dirt and wind up with pots and pots of veggies and herbs ready for the garden.  These are very knowledgeable folks and the Master Gardener program is great.

My sister and I drove to Rosenberg to the FB Fair Grounds and got in line with a goodly portion of the world to get in and chose plants.  I jumped right past all the vegetable (not the farmer) tables and headed for the herbs.  Picked up Texas Mint Marigold (the south’s version of Tarragon), Basil (2 types), Thyme, and Parsley (even tho the seeds I planted ARE coming up – yea me). 

Since we were close by, we detoured over to a local plant nursery where I got Mugwort, Hyssop, Lovage, and Lemon Thyme.  I like unusual herbs.

Today, I started planting.

I’m going to detour off topic for just a minute – Daylight Savings Time started today.  Ick.  I am a morning person.  Morning people like it to be daylight in the early morning.  And, anyway, by summer, it’s way too hot to go out and enjoy the light until 9pm – at NIGHT!

Back to  --  started planting.

This year I have two rules about plants.  Rule 1: No new flowerbeds.  No enlarging existing flowerbeds.  Anything I get has to fit into the beds I have.  Rule 2: I am considering the mature plant size when I plant a little bitty one.  I have a tendency to think – Oh, look there – an empty 6-inch space – I can put this little (fill in the blank) even tho it will grow to size 6-feet x 6-feet, right there!
TX mint marigold
(aka tarragon)



I did find places for everything and also dug up and replanted 4 Datura, a leopard plant, repotted several things, made another hanging basket, and pulled up clover (oxalis) by the double hands full. 
amaryllis bulbs are about to
burst into bloom
borage looking good

All is looking pretty good.

Take care.
Bridal Wreath

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