Saturday, March 10, 2018

dogs and Dogs

Just a couple more memories from yesterday’s dogs.

I mentioned that Sherlock (a Lhasa Apso) came into our family and immediately settled in.  His only negative trait was that he got car sick.  Like driving from the house to the end of the block.  Since he had to go to the groomer regularly, on those days he got nothing to eat and had an early morning appointment (he still had the dry heaves going to and from).  He went early, came home early and once, with four feet on the ground, immediately went to his food bowl to eat.

One trip to the groomer was a bit troublesome because there was a miscommunication of sorts.   I told them to give him a “summer cut” (as in cut it short) and they shaved him to the skin.  When I went to pick him up they brought out a dog I’d never seen before.  Are you sure this is my dog? sez I.  Doesn’t look like my dog.  Not acting like my dog.  Yes, yes, I was assured, he just had a bit of trauma with the “cut” – cage says Sherlock.  Oookkay doubtfully said.  Put said dog in the back of the station wagon and went home.  Odd, no throwing up.  Humm!  Once home, this dog ran under a sofa and refused to come out.  As I was looking for the phone number to call, it rang – groomer – ooops, gave you the wrong dog.  Yeah, I told you so.  So, I went back got my “thank god you’re here happy to see me” dog that was also shaved to the skin.  We didn’t go back there again.

Now, I wouldn’t want you to think I’m an irresponsible pet owner.  When Bandit came to live with us, he was a fully mature male dog.  MHN had never had him neutered and in fact, turned a little green whenever it was mentioned.  I believe I told you already that Bandit was a lover of all female dogs in heat (he liked people too but the problem was mostly the other thing).  After many phone calls of “please come get your dog”, I finally said – Bandit had to be fixed or go live with MHN’s parents.  Enough was enough.  Honest-to-god, it was a major deal – he (this would be the human ‘he’) whined and whimpered and fussed and boo-hoo’d.  You’d though MHN was going to the vet.  Bandit – couldn’t have cared less.  When all was done, Bandit pretty much stayed in the yard, with only the occasional trip out to sit on somebody’s car (sigh). 

As I said previously, after Gus died, I did not want another dog – ever.  We moved away from Galveston in the summer of 2004 and in November of 2004, MHN came home one day and dumped a fat little black and white puppy in my lap. 

If you don’t like her, I can take her back was his only comment.  Cheating – who doesn’t instantly fall in love with a cute little puppy.  MHN insisted on a “tough” name for her (nothing frilly or girlie) and she informed us her name was Morgaine LeFay.  (King Arthur – Camelot - powerful enchantress)  From the get-go, Morgan was a very opinionated girl.  Play – yes, play, a lot.  Play meant – I throw the ball.  She chased the ball.  She picked it up and bounced it a couple of times.  She put down the ball and pranced back to me.  And, then waited for me to get the ball and throw it again.  Well, she was an only child.  Sometime later, while I was in Arizona visiting, during a phone call to MHN, I commented that when I got home we might discuss getting another dog as a companion for Morgan.  Later that same evening, I got a call from MHN.  I got the dog, sez he.  Huh, what dog?  Morgan’s brother – so she has a playmateAnd, Merlin arrived. 

The two of them were a good match.  Morgan was bossy and Merlin was obedient to his sister.  Now, during play time, if I threw the ball, Morgan raced to get it first, picked it up and dropped it, then Merlin would pick it up and bring it to me.  All worked out well.  Anytime we left the house, both dogs would howl, yip, yowl, and yodel to the point that more than one person asked me – how many dogs are in there?  Two, just two.

Merlin was a digger.  And he was known to dig under the fence (and dig a hole large enough for his sister who was quite a bit larger) and wiggle out.  Eventually, the fence had cement blocks all around everywhere he could dig. 

A few years ago, Merlin became very ill and ultimately left for the summer lands.  It was very hard on both Morgan and me.  So, now Morgan is once again an only child and pretty much rules the house. 

Take care

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