Wednesday, April 7, 2021



Today is a sort of catch-up day preparing for my brother to come for a visit.  Since I'm sort-of caught up for a minute, I thought I'd share some

W I L D  Things

I’ve seen over the past day or three . . .



Bull Nettle

(just a couple of odd facts - )

Brush against Bull Nettle and you’ll immediately experience a painful burning and stinging.  Between the bull nettle’s leaves and flowers are tiny threads that contain histamine and other chemicals, including folic acid. These chemicals can cause mild to severe irritation of the skin.  There are many theories for relief from an encounter – everything from tobacco and spit to a baking soda paste.  However, there is one remedy that is most often recommended – urinating on it.  Urine contains something that reacts and soothes the pain instantly.  So, pee on yourself or get a buddy to help you out!  And so you don’t think this is a totally baaaaad plant, the seeds are edible.  I would suggest that you wear long pants, long sleeves, boots, and gloves to pick the seed pods using a pair of tongs.  Then, drop the pods into a paper sack and wait for the them to burst open and expel the seeds.  They are said to be appetizing and tasty with a nutty flavor.

Meadow Pink

Texas Groundsel

And, I’m not quite sure what this is.
  Do you know?
Well - I just found out what this is.
White-eyed Phlox


7 Apr 2021


  1. What a great cavalcade of flowers. I was just saying phlox when you supplied the name! SNAP!

  2. Is this all in your yard? Well, maybe not the nettle.

    1. I wish they were in my yard, but no. Just flowers I've seen around the area.

  3. I love wild flowers and these are gorgeous!

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  5. I love all your flower photos! I would not have been able to ID the phlox from the photo, but now that you've told me I can see that it's kin to our blue phlox (same petal shapes).

  6. I was so excited when I saw my first field of bluebonnets...and bull nettles are the most horrible thing that Texas grows...

  7. Such pretty flowers. Urine is supposed to be good for jellyfish stings too I believe.

  8. These are all beautiful wildflowers. The bull bettle reminds me of the stining nettle of my childhood - it's a completely different plant than the bull nettle, but as the name says it stings and as kids we were stung all the time. You can also make tea with it and it is said to be healthy (I never tried it).