Sunday, April 18, 2021

Galveston, Oh Galveston


This past Thursday, we three – sister, brother and I, went to Galveston for the day.  And, like all tourists, we walked the Strand – the street that has some of the most interesting shops and buildings on the island.  One of the shops we went into is called “Christmas on the Strand”.  And, yes, they have half of their shop dedicated to Christmas stuff year-around.  I like looking at ornaments no matter the date.

There were many interesting and unusual things.  Some really pretty, some odd, and mostly having to do with the ocean and ocean related things.  But, by far, the most eye-catching ornaments were these - -

December Diamonds Merman

This December Diamonds Beached Whale merman has black and white glittered Shamu tail.  He is bald, brawny, wearing black shades, a whale tail necklace, and holding an ice cream cone!

Relaxing on a unicorn pool float

Anyone care for a little pup play?

That is one hot unicorn! With a drink in hand, gold belt, unicorn horn, and rainbow sparkle tail, this Rainbow Merman is ready for Gay pride! These are not your average merman ornaments.

Pet the Puss

There were a bunch more if none of these appeal to you.  Everything from Cowboys to Doctors; from  to Vampires to Hard Hat types.  Great, just great!

 18 Apr 2021


  1. I love those gay mermen ornaments! My fave (that I've seen so far) is the Leatherman Merman, with his black leather jacket, hat and harness! Although I must say, that Muscle Bunny Merman in the unicorn floatie is pretty nice too!

  2. I love those! I think Ellen posted a picture of the Village People Mermen - that was cool. Also, I didn't get until I read your post that they're supposed to be gay. Ha!