Friday, April 23, 2021

Strange and Unusual Things You Find When You’re Not Really Looking


This is the last post about my brother’s visit.  

We had one day when we three “Did Wharton”.  Went to the Farmer’s Market which currently takes place every Saturday down nearly on the Square.  Right now, there aren’t any fruits or vegetables – even for us it’s early.  But there are a number of sellers of other good stuff like local honey, home baked breads and other yummy things, crafted items, canned items (pickles, jellies, sauerkraut) and such like that.  Then we walked around the Square.

One store must have had umpty bazillion marbles.  All sizes, all colors.

Never seen a phone quite like this.

Stacks of 45’s.  Sure, I see lots of LP’s but 45’s seem fewer and farther between.

I didn’t realize these were back in style/demand.  All thicknesses and lengths.  Do you think wearers can actually open their eyes without monumental eyelid muscle!  Hmmm – how do you train for that, I wonder – Eyelid Muscle.

And, then we went to the local (and new) Sweet Shop.  Myself, I was hoping for chocolates and caramels.  Nope, lots of gummy things.


Plus these – just have to pass.  I'm not a big fan of sodas anyway these put me off it all together.

 And then, of course, there was the day we went to Galveston.  Like all the tourists, we walked the Strand.

That just sounds wrong.

Yeah – ok, bad to worse.

I don't know . . .

Uhmm – pretty sure I’d have to pass on that also and I'm a tea drinker.

You can rent these and drive little Model T’s around town.  Guy said he’d resurrected Henry Ford to help with the design.

Yep – works for me!

My sister is ready too!

Well, whatever works for you.

Dish towel – honest to god, I think I need this!

And finally we went down to Seawall and walked along the beach.


I still miss it – every day.


23 Apr 2021


  1. Fortunately I went back and blew up the first picture before I made an even more inane comment. For, in the smaller version I thought the shop keeper has balanced washers on top of pop bottles and marbles on top of washers. Therefore, I said to myself, the marbles must be glued to the washers must be glued to the pop bottles, but I better go back and be sure before I committed to remarking on something so stupid, like selling tentacle tea.

  2. I want to run away and become a mermaid too. Maybe I'll drive one of those Model T's down to the ocean and then just swim away!

  3. The Gaff of the Mermaid was Interesting. I liked that unusual Retro Phone. Big Eyelashes must be back, I've seen Young Girls who have to wear their Glasses and Sunglasses below their Eyeballs since the Lashes are too long to be behind the Lens!

  4. I love that photo of Ellen! That looks like a crazy place. I might would have to buy something really far out (like the tentacle tea), just as a souvenir :)

  5. I think we all need that t-towel.
    Sounds like a fab trip. I love farmers' markets. Just the smell of the bread does it for me. But as for those sodas? I don't think so.

  6. we're going to port aransas in july...can't wait.10-14