Wednesday, April 14, 2021

A Story


My brother, John, came down (from the frozen northlands of WA) for a week-long visit.  It has been very nice.  Before he got here, he suggested a few things we three (sister, brother, me) might do, plus he said he’d help me out with anything I might need to do at the new house.  And so, I made a little list.

Now, my brother is a very

handy guy.  He builds beautiful furniture, cabinets, decorative boxes, little bitty collector cars – an artist in wood.  He also has a firm knowledge of plumbing, electricity, general home repairs, and so forth. 

Last time I was in the frozen northlands of WA, for Christmas, he gave me a special bathroom faucet.  It is very cool.

And, while he was here, he’d put it in for me.

This was, I believe, a job he thought would take an hour or two. 

Not the case.

Because, as it turns out, nothing in this house is a standard size.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zero.  Zip.

Anyway, I started with a bathroom faucet that looked like this

And, after a day and a half, 837 trips to every hardware type store in a 30-mile radius, an order to Amazon, a buncha muttering and stomping out the door, a variety of curse words (my guess is the builder of this little house no longer has ears – they’ve burned off), I now have a faucet that looks like this




The End.


14 Apr 2021


  1. Worth it! Sorry your brother had to work so hard to install his masterpiece!

  2. I love it! Our house is similarly "interesting." The sinks in the master bath are too short even for me (as is the toilet) - and I'm only 5'4"! But there is a hook to hang your robe on that I have to stand on tippy toes to get to. And that's just the bathroom.