Monday, April 5, 2021

Tis the Season


No – not the Ho-Ho-Ho season. 


Time to get out and work like a wild woman getting the yard somewhat settled and prepared for the oncoming, dreaded, hot, humid,


which will be upon us by May.  At which point, it will be too hot to even think about walking outside much less working.  

So, right now days are spent trying to get weeds under control, container plants repotted and settled, grass encouraged somewhat (not really a big fan of grass but it is better than mud, of which there is still a lot), the things that need to go into the ground – planted, and so forth. 

Which means I won’t have a lot of blogging going on though I will stay in touch one way or another.


5 Apr 2021


  1. I have to laugh - you & Ellen put me to so much shame. I "planted" some wildflower & sweet william seeds this weekend & you would have thought I had tilled & planted an entire vegetable garden. Such drama! And all I did was take a trowel, make a furrow & drop a few seeds in. And for the wildflowers I just sort of dumped them in the area I wanted them to go & then stomped on them. Ha!

  2. I unpotted my dead lemon trees and my rosemary. Tomorrow I will continue the purge of dead plants. I finally went to the nursery and picked up 4 Italian Oregano plants and potted them this morning. I have Hydrangeas to unpot and replace. So much work.

  3. I do see the mud! Wish I could help. Occasionally I really do work. All the best to you.

  4. Georgia has the heat too! Once it gets hot, it won't cool down til November. Almost everything we have is in pots, so lots of watering. Good luck with all that you grow!

  5. Enjoy your outdoor season! I really think our NJ summers, up to the 90s and 100s f with high humidity, are as much as I can handle. And they're not as long as yours, either.

  6. our apt owners are such cheap bastards. we are no long allowed to have a garden. and only 2 or 3 pots depending of size of flowers or veggies..fuckers