Monday, May 6, 2019

Thursday – the midway, the games, the rides – The Carnival!

After seeing all the arts and crafts, all the show animals, along with all those participating, we walked over to the Carnival.

Carnival: “a traveling collection of amusements which include games of chance, sideshows, and thrilling rides” or “a lusty busty bawdy bitch…who has kicked up her frolicsome heels and masqueraded under many guises and names.”

Carnivals have been popular in America since the early 1890’s.  They show up during fairs, circuses, rodeos, and sometimes at your local shopping center just ‘cause. 

Sometimes it seems that things change so quickly, I don’t even recognize places or things.  However, that was not the case with the

We walked through the midway and saw

Booths of chance and luck with the carny barkers calling out - “step right up”, “win a prize”, “step right up and play the game”, “step right up ladies & gentlemen, boys and girls”.

And, of course, all the delicious, nutritious, yummy-in-the-tummy, mmm mmm good carnival food

No, we didn’t ride any of the rides.  Tickets were expensive – bought singly, a dollar apiece.  And, the rides cost 3-7 tickets per person.  And, to be honest, my ride choice these days is more this

 rather than this . . .


In fact, I think I’d pass on any ride with this warning  

Don’t Ride This If

There were, of course, the “creepy” rides

No sideshow though.

It was a delightful day!

6 May 2019


  1. No merry go round? That would have been my speed, except on a bench, not on a horse.

    1. Yes, there was one but it was disappointingly small - my favorite also.

  2. The merry-go-round is one of the only rides you won't see at a carnival anymore. I guess it's too costly to keep the horses painted and pretty. What a shame.