Saturday, May 4, 2019

Thursday – Adventuring at the County Fair

I have had a seriously busy three days and am full of stories and pictures! 

Recently I mentioned to my friend Bobby that I hadn’t been to the Wharton County Youth Fair - never - since I’ve lived here.  So, we made plans to go.  I told my sister and she wanted to come along – she hadn’t been to the fair either.  Thursday was the day (it was senior citizen day and we got in free – bonus!). 

The fair grounds are just across the river and first thing – there are no big signs or people giving directions about where to park or where to enter (weirdness, right?).  We sort of just parked along one side where there was an open fence gate.

Where we walked in, there was a very cool petting zoo.  There were

OK - I really neeeeed that turtle.

deer, goats, a porcupine,
baby cows, alpacas, donkeys.


We walked around some and first stop was Crescent Hall where the Creative Arts were Open for Viewing.  This event is open to all ages (the youngest entrant, I saw, was 6; oldest adult) and includes cooking, canning, sewing, drawing, painting, crafting, gardening.  And here are just a very few of the things we saw –

mostly cookies and bread


Look closely at this one
her skirt is made from pencil shavings.

Note: the white lines are the reflected
 lights overhead.

a fish on a plate
made of bottle caps and pull tabs.

these just amused me!

Hmmm – wonder if they went to
the avid golfer estate sale??

and Crafting
Now, this was one of the adult entries
Pull tabs, crocheted together, and made
into a necklace.


oh one more
yes – that’s a painted horse skull with
succulents glued onto it.
unusual but whatever works.

It was interesting to wander through and look.  I would be curious to know the entry rules.  And, how the judging process works.  It appeared that everyone got at least one ribbon, some got two.  I think the fair movers and shakers need to come up with a better way to display both ribbon and item.  It was difficult to see any of the canned items and often the crafts and drawings were hidden and hard to see. 

Tomorrow – cows, pigs, sheep, goats, bunnies and cowgirls

4 May 2019


  1. As a former fair judge, good on you for going, and extra kudos for hitting the free day. Some of the entries make me hope they are precursors to really outstanding imaginative work in the future! Like, living on another planet.
    A lot of pencils died to make that skirt!

    1. And, a lot of beer was had to get all those pull tabs and bottle caps!