Sunday, May 12, 2019

They’re coming to take me away – ho ho, ha ha, hee hee

While the first half of this week started of quietly, it escalated into total chaos by the last half.  And, I’m currently keeping an eye out for the little guys in white jackets.

Wednesday – it rained.  Not the gentle pitter-patter of rain that sinks into the ground, making all my plants happy.  Nooo – it was the “somebody turned the faucet on full force and it is spraying all over the kitchen” type of rain.  Along with thunder – window shaking thunder and big zots of lightening, oh goodie. 

Then, as I sat listening to the rain, I kept hearing SPLAT!, SPLAT!, SPLAT!
What the . . .
Got up and looked outside – nope nothing going SPLAT! out there.  Walked over to the window aaanndd a big drop of water went SPLAT! on the table next to me.

I looked up and – yes – my roof sprung a leak that had made it through the ceiling and was dripping on my oak floors, table, and stereo. (ho ho, ha ha, hee hee)

Honestly – I went from saying many very bad words to moderate despair.  Houses are, I think, a lot of trouble.  Anyway, as much as can be done, is being done.  It’s all dependent on the rain.  Therefore, I am talking to Q'uq'umatz, Surupa, Freyr, Dodola, Oya, Tó Neinilii, Lumo, and the universe in general, on a regular basis – no rain on my house, no rain on my house, rain rain go away come back AFTER THE ROOF IS FIXED!

Thursday was the Garden Club’s monthly meeting.  You may remember I brought home a truck load of plants from the plant sale.  None for me – no, no, no – I have lots and many and do not need more.  I brought them home to babysit until Thursday to take them to the meeting so members could take them to forever homes.  So, after loading up plants, unloading plants, attending the meeting, I left plantless.  Yea me!

My little puppy, Morgan, died last Christmas

and I’d been talking about getting a kitty for a little while.  Unfortunately, there were none to be found from January until Thursday.  My sister mentioned that a friend of hers had four feral-ish kittens that needed new homes.  Was I interested?  Yes, but I’m leaving town for 2 weeks and can’t leave little half feral kittens alone.  No problem, she sez, they can come to her house while I’m gone.  Fine, off we went after the WGC meeting.  First of all, her friend, has earned her place in the promise land, heaven, fairyland, Elysium, hereafter, wonderland.  She is a rescue home.  Not only does she foster dogs until they go to their forever home, she has adopted a large number (20 or so).  She also is home for capture and release feral cats.  Through a small accident, an unneutered feral female was released to the cat yard where she promptly made whoopie.  The four kittens were the result. 

We drove up to be greeted by a herd of small dogs, all welcoming with barks, yips, and jumps.  OMG – the noise was amazing.  You could not hear the person standing next to you.  There was no walking from the car to the house – there was shuffling so no little toes got stepped on.  There was no walking through gates or doors – there was inching through so no little dog managed a big escape.  The kittens were housed in the garage - three grays and one black/white; 2 boys and 2 girls. 

Of course I chose two.  I mean, how can you look at these cute little guys and not bundle them home. 

I think I have lost my mind.  Kittens are rather like year-old toddlers.  Capable of getting into all sorts of trouble, quickly and quietly.  And look perfectly cute while doing it.  Day 1 – they crawled into any dark recess they could find and would not come out.  Day 2 – they ran when I tried to pick them up.  Day 3 – they would come out slowly when I came into their room (after all, I am the bringer of food).  And now, Day 4 – they come out when I call them.  Obviously they are brilliant kitties!



In a series of books I read, Daryl and Zack are werewolves.  Daryl is the tough guy, second only to the alpha (that’s me) and Zack a submissive.  Yeah – that’s right.

Here’s what I rediscovered about kittens – they are time intensive.  Half feral even more so – they need a lot of attention to keep them people aware.  These two now play, jump on each other, tussle, race around the room.  I worry for my sister.  She already has a cat (an only cat that doesn’t play well with others) and a dog (princess of all she surveys).  It will be interesting at her house.

Oh and, on Thursday, after getting kittens and then running errands, I came home to find this on my driveway.

Somebody left a trayful from garden club.  Fortunately I was able to deal with them easily – the oak tree is going to be my bonsai project.  The pecan tree was pulled out of the pot and thrown in the street.  The dozen or so cotton plants got a new home with my friend Bobby.  A couple of others also were given new homes.  And, yea!, no plants left.

So far we have had a couple of days of no rain (and no roofer).  And a couple of days of downpouring rain.  I’ve spoken with the roofer a few times trying to convey how stressful it is to have it raining INSIDE the house.  (Yes, yes, as soon as the weather station shows clear - that might be next month!) 

Today I am trying to get myself and the house ready for me to be gone.  Clothes washed, folded and put away, house clean and vacuumed, dishes washed and put away, yard picked up (it has also rained branches from the many pecan trees in my yard), trash emptied, suitcase packed, kitty suitcase packed, etc and so forth. 

Whoops – there goes the dryer buzzer. 

12 May 2019


  1. Kittens are adorable, and they're crazy! Eventually they settle down. They're both just cuter than bugs.

    1. They are very cute and full of piss and vinegar!

  2. It has been so long since kittens! But good that you have them, and good there are two.
    I suspect garden clubs are garden clubs the wide world around. 'Nuff said.

    1. I had wanted two from the get go. All children play better with someone their own age. These two are all about rough and tumble now!

  3. Ahhh, Pam, "Mother of kittens, Food bringer person." That's your new title. Live with it. Yeah we got that rain and I was hoping it would all go north to College Station and not hit y'all so bad. I saw Wharton got slammed really bad but not as bad as Houston. Then the rain moved out to Jackson Miss. where I have another blogger friend. They got slammed bad too. Question... is your roofer going to put regular shingles or a galvanized tin roof? Reason being, We had shingles and the roof were a mess. It would have cost us $20K to reroof the thing but we went with tin. It doesn't leak and it won't rust either. They took the roof down to the studs and put down new 3/4 inch plywood and then put down the tin with 2 inch screws. We've had it for going on 20 years now and it was a damned good investment. The guy said it would last 40 to 50 years. Just sayin.

  4. That's a good title - and probably will be the long term one. We got about 9 inches over 2or3 days. And, oh goodie, are due more today. Hopefully the worst will stay north and east of us. Yea! the roofer finished the patch yesterday. He did use regular shingles, perhaps not a first choice, but the least expensive which is a consideration now.