Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May Day

Yes, I know, again – quiet for a few days.  Best excuse – the days slip past so quickly! 

I’ve been working a research project.  When I get involved with that, I tend to forget about time until my eyes are so tired, they’re about to drop out of my head.  Still, it’s interesting work and I get paid.  Always a good thing.

Then, I spent yesterday and this morning mowing and doing general yard work.  Ugh – I hate to mow.  It’s boring and the 100 ft, 900 lb cord gets caught on every little thing that sticks up from the ground, I swear, including the grass!  One more day and I’m finished.  Though, I can’t mow tomorrow or Friday or Saturday.  And, by Sunday, the whole thing will need to be mowed again.  Still, right now, it looks nice.  (Well, except for the part that's not done yet.)

Part of the yard work included getting plants ready for the Wharton Garden Club Plant Sale.  So, if you’re in Wharton Saturday, come by the library.  You can't miss us - tables and tables of plants ready for new forever homes.  I still have to finish labeling and pricing my plants.  Plus, I usually write up a little blurb about what and where each of my offerings are.  Good plants – cheap prices!

It is already May and today is May Day. . . Beltane.  Beltane is one of four seasonal festivals (Samhain, Imbolc, and Lughnasadh being the others).  In past times, it marked the beginning of the summer season, when livestock were driven out to the summer pastures.  Rituals were held to protect them from harm, both natural and supernatural.  There were also rituals to protect crops, dairy products, people and to encourage growth.  It is a spring time festival of optimism.  So, go out and dance around a Maypole or bring in green boughs and flowers or make a wish as you jump a bonfire (or candle) for good luck!

The aos sí (spirits or fairies) were thought to be especially active at Beltane, so if you want to keep your home safe, set out a small bowl of cream for the fairies tonight!

Today is also –

Batman Day
Hug Your Cat Day
Law Day
Lei Day
Mother Goose Day
National Bubba Day
National Golf Day
New Homeowner's Day
School Principals' Day
Silver Star Banner Day
Skyscraper Day
Stepmother's Day

Whew! Lots going one for one day.

1 May 2019


  1. I'm taking mostly bletilla. thinned out my clump some.

  2. Lawn looks great. I wish I could make the trip to Wharton to buy some plants. My back can't take the long sitting in the car. Anywho. I had a great Beltane yesterday. I fired up the little firepit and threw in incense and made cake offerings to the Goddess and God. Then I drank a glass of wine and chanted a few spells to get rid of the infestation in the White House. Brightest Blessings to you, Pam.

    1. Many thanks. Myself, I brought in flowers, lit a candle, thought about the good, bad, and ugly. Made a wish and jumped my little "bonfire" aka candle. I hope your spells are successful!