Friday, May 17, 2019

Flowers and other NM stuff

I am a morning walker.  Specially here in New Mexico.  Because – 1 it’s not humid and 2 the mornings are very cool.  Nice.  So far this year Albuquerque has had a lot of rain and water from snow melt and you can see it in the roses.


And, these are only a few of the ones in my daughter’s neighborhood . . . . . .

These are all grafted roses, that while we can grow them down our way, they do require a lot of hands-on attention.  Here?  Not so much.  Ok – one or two more

Then I saw this – running down the street in front of my daughter’s house!  As many times as I come here, it’s the first road runner I’ve actually seen

And these guys were in a neighboring yard . . .

Yeah, yeah – yard art but who knew you
might find Pink Flamingos in Albuquerque!

This big yard art sculpture has been a staple in her neighborhood.

Hmmmm -  I don’t know

My youngest middle granddaughter graduated from high school!  Yea!  I'll tell you what - start to finish including speeches, songs, marching in and out, they graduated all 300+ in one hour.

If you haven’t been to the Albuquerque Botanical Garden, you should go.  Go in the spring because after Memorial Day, everything turns brown.  It was very pretty though and I think we walked about 735 miles – maybe more.  I saw a whole list of things I’d like to grow but don’t because it’s humid where I live -humid and hot and humid for 98% of the year.

Hellebore – Lenten Rose

Included in the Botanical Garden is a Butterfly House and a Bugporiam (which is a building full of bugs – caged bugs – sorta interesting considering they’re all bugs - oh, bugs and rat moles which are a bit icky).

And there is a small Aquarium – full of, well yes, fish.

Today we are off to The Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument.  More to come.

17 May 2019


  1. I was gifted a hellebore once. I killed it, and was bitterly sorry.

    1. I think they're beautiful but I can't grow them at home - too humid, too hot.

  2. I have been sentenced to never raise any other flowers than roses, trumpet vine, petunias or geraniums. I have murdered too many unsuspecting flowers.
    Coming from west Texas (El Paso) where the weather is so much nicer and drier, It is easier to raise other flowers and plants. Here in the San Antonio area where we must learn to live and breathe underwater as it is so freaking humid all year long, plants that are not native to this area and would thrive by just throwing it AT the soil some place else would commit suicide and blame their death on us. People tend to grow more roses out west than they do here in the land of spritzed air.

    1. I've grown grafted roses but they do require attention, spraying, fertilizing, pruning to get roses nothing like the ones in ABQ - don't do that any more. Humid in the SA area? noooooo it's dry (ok - dryer) there!

  3. Those roses are gorgeous! I have a brown(ish) thumb - thank goodness my husband is a very good gardener!

  4. I truly have been overwhelmed by the roses this visit.