Wednesday, May 15, 2019

On the Road

I mentioned how hectic and busy last week was with trying to get ready to leave town, adopting two babies, RAIN, and dealing with the leaking roof. 

Monday it all came to an end.

Monday, the clouds went away and the sun came out and the roofer came over!  Yea.  I am told it is all patched (double yea) and ready for the next bout of inclement weather.

Monday, I took the babies over to my sister’s house.  She’s babysitting.  It was like going somewhere with 2-year old humans – food, blankies, kitty box, food, bowls, and so forth.  They settled right in, seem to have few problems with her puppy, Minnie and are generally ignored by her cat Emma.  They are, however, keeping Ellen busy and somewhat sleepless. 

cute, cute, cute

Monday, I left for a visit to Albuquerque.  My youngest middle granddaughter is graduating from high school.  Plus, I’m going to stay and visit for a little while. 

Ellen volunteered to take me to the airport.  We left about 7am-ish.  And, almost immediately got stopped in traffic on Hwy 59.  The kind of traffic where nobody moves, there are only red tail lights as far as you can see and nobody moves (did I say that?). 

18-wheeler shuts down northbound, southbound lanes of Highway 59 in Wharton

After sitting for 20 minutes, we finally googled optional directions and found another path around the problem.  Made it to the airport in good time. 

The trip to Albuquerque was fine and I was (am) happy to be with granddaughters, daughter, and son-in-law.  We went out for a walk Monday night and came across this

Yep – pig – actually there were 2 pigs in the back seat of the car.  I found out that the woman that owns them teaches pig yoga -

“Barbie the pig has been showing up to local yoga classes, creating some fun and entertainment for anyone who attends.  “She's such a diva,” Sydney Forestal, Pig Yoga Instructor, and Owner of Barbie said.  But she's not alone, her faithful partner, Elvis also makes an appearance.  I always am a big believer in animal therapy and animals and movement just makes people have fun and smile.”

In this world --- you just never know what’s going to be around the next corner.  I just may need to pass this idea onto my yoga instructor.

More to come . . . .

Kevin helping me write up this addition to my blog.
Not much help as he insisted he should sit on the keyboard

15 May 2019


  1. It's good your kiddos are mere kittens. It makes them more acceptable to Minnie and Emma; grown up house pets really are kind to "babies", and never really tumble to the fact they just had potential adult animals foisted on themselves. That Kevin is a looker!

    1. Kevie is a looker! and he is very vocal - all the time!

  2. Kevin is a pretty boy. The kittens are cuties too. Okay, only in NM would you find something that weird.

    1. Weird - right? Being the city girl that I am, I'd be somewhat wary of a large pig in class but could be just like having a large dog there.

  3. I'm glad you got your roof fixed & the babies settled. And that is HILARIOUS about the pig. I think you should go to a yoga class there & report back to us.