Thursday, May 23, 2019

Land of Enchantment . . . . . “Crescit Eundo”

It’s been a busy number of days this past week.  I always enjoy being here in Albuquerque.  I get to spend time with my family, see the sights (different ones each time), and do a little shopping that’s not available in Wharton.  It’s a big city without being overwhelming huge with too much of everything – things to do, places to go, crazy drivers, and heavy traffic. 

Whenever I’m here, I have a list of Favorite shops I want to go to, like:

Saturday, my daughter and I went to Favorite – The Downtown Growers Market. 

“…mission is to support and promote local agriculture, small business development and community engagement in order to better the economics, health, wellbeing and education of New Mexico residents and visitors.”
Oh my dear lord – so much to choose from – vegetables of all sorts, herbs, plants, local meat, homemade breads, jelly, peppers, relishes, pickles, eggs, honey, cookies, pies and more.  Plus a section is dedicated for local crafters and artists.  I love it there.  Not all the spring vegetables were available because, here in ABQ, spring has only recently sprung.  Still my daughter bought fresh lettuce, spinach, sprouts, and greenhouse tomatoes.  Me?, well I bought a sweet roll (hey – we all have our priorities).  And, it’s all organic.  I want one just like this close to me!

Abby and I went to another

Favorite  Stranger Factory - a weird, unique, unusual, one of a kind place.  It’s a “postmodern, pop surrealist, lowbrow” art gallery and has some of the coolest stuff – from tarot cards to books to sculpture to original artwork to limited edition prints to just curious objects.  I love it and there are a number of things I always think I just might need.

Today, Charlotte and I went to a couple more.

So, I’m a cross stitcher.  It keeps my hands busy in the evenings (it’s hard to just sit and watch TV).  I start with a blank piece of fabric and have to count placement of each stitch.  I like to think it keeps my brain working also.  Favorite  Stitcher’s Garden.  I go every time I’m here.  And, I make whomever I’m with promise to not let me buy any patterns (I have six 3-ring binders full at home and yes, I have cleaned them out, keeping only the “ones I plan on doing before I die”).

My granddaughter was no help here . . . .

She, in fact, picked this one out.  And, it comes with a story.  The designer went through a Beatles stage and designed patterns based on Beatles songs – Strawberry Fields, Yellow Submarine, Octopus’s Garden, Long and Winding Road.  And had the patterns printed with song lyrics on each – without getting permission to do so.  Oopsie.  Had to have all the patterns reprinted sans lyrics.  Anyway, Strawberry Fields Forever will be the next project. 

Lately, I’ve made changes to some of my patterns by including beadwork.  For that, I need a very small seed bead – 15/0.  And, yes, I can buy them via Amazon or other internet stores but I’d really like to see what I’m getting.  (Telling me I’m getting 8 grams of beads doesn’t work for me – how big is the container for 8 grams?).  Favorite  Beaded Iris.  I like doing beadwork – adds sparkle and depth to a project.

And, finally we went to

Favorite  Figments Tea Shoppe.  I like it there – people are knowledgeable about teas, they have a very nice selection of lose tea blends, and it’s not frighteningly expensive.  Plus, it’s more than just a place to buy tea.  They also have all the tea accruements, specialty vinegars and olive oil, along with – garden stuff, knick-knack stuff, dragons, fairies, wind chimes, crystals, you know – stuff. 

And then, we came home.

23 May 2019


  1. Oy! I would need at least $1000 or more to be safe. I kid you not. I can not walk into a stitch shop and not but just a few things. I love specialty stores like tea shops.

    1. Yeah - I know what you mean - it's hard to go to the cross stitch shop and not get carried away. I have to remind myself every step - Six books filled with patterns; six books filled with patterns; six . . . .

  2. I'm going to have to go with you one of these times.

  3. I'm a country girl at heart. I'm still at the Downtown Growers Market, over by the coffee grinder and pecan roll place.

    1. oooooh - that's right they have someone there that roasts and grinds their own beans too!