Friday, July 27, 2018

XYZT: Abstract Landscapes

Another really cool thing we did while I was in Albuquerque, was to go to the XYZT Interactive Digital Art Exhibition at the Artechouse.  If you have the chance, you should go.

When you get there, you step into a room of lines, dots, and letters which allow you, by manipulating algorithms, to dance, jump, skip, touch and frolic (and isn’t that a good old-fashioned but descriptive word!) in a virtual playground with four dimensions – X (horizontal), Y (vertical), Z (depth), and T (time). 

There were 10 different installations to interact with and it was fun!

Three people mirrored in a digital field

XYZT: Abstract Landscapes is a world-traveled installation by French contemporary digital artists and multimedia choreographers Adrien M & Claire B.  

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