Saturday, July 28, 2018

Shall I be “Mother”?

OK – here’s something else we did while I was in Albuquerque.  We went to The St. James Tearoom.  Now, if there are any men out there reading this, do not poo-poo the adventure and say – humph – this is just for girls.  Yes, many of those attending were women, however there were a number of men there also.  And, this is a perfect way to treat and impress someone you care about from grandparents to romantic interests.  Plus the service is perfect and the food is really good.

Honestly, it’s not a shorts and tank top kind of place.  It’s a place with a bit of Victorian magic.  The tearoom opened in 1999 with the owner deciding to use the 19th century Brittish tradition of Afternoon Tea as the theme.  The idea being it would allow people to escape modern-day agitation, to depart from the chain-restaurant sameness, and provide a private place to talk, relax, and be somewhere else for a while.

When we got there, we entered into the Tea Shoppe.  A place with beautiful china, books, teas, pastries, and other accouterments related to eating very good food and drinking teas.

We were shown to our private room.  So, the entire place is divided into small to medium sized rooms and your room depends on the size of the party.  Each room is furnished with antique style furniture, art, and subdued lighting.  It’s very cozy.

In care you’re not aware – Afternoon Tea is a full meal.  Our server arrived with a three tired tray filled with fruit, savories and tea sandwiches, scones and breads, and a variety of sweets, all handmade on site.  We also had three different teas to try.

Theme of the day

Honestly - those scones were the
best - I could have brought home a dozen
except, I'd be the one eating them!

And, the food was delicious – lovely to look at and better to eat!  The teas were good – our favorite being The Dutchess of Bedford – “a blend of raspberries and rose petals with Ceylon tea”. 

It was a perfect afternoon.  You should go if you have a chance!

Take care

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