Sunday, July 8, 2018

Adventuring in Art

Saturday my sister and I went to the 49th Annual Rockport Art Festival.  There were over 100 artists and craftsmen, live music, and food everything from BBQ to Vietnamese.  It’s only held over one week-end and if you didn’t go, you should mark your calendar for next year.  It’s very well done and the majority of the artists are amazing.

If you’re not familiar with Rockport – it’s a smallish town (population of about 9000) located south and west of Wharton along the gulf coast.  This past August, Rockport sustained massive damage from Hurricane Harvey (a Cat 4 storm) but it survived and has come back strong.  It’s a popular tourist destination during the summer months.  There are many things to do there from beach going, fishing and boating to various fairs (Art to Oyster to Wine) throughout the year. 

And, it’s not a bad drive from Wharton.

The Art Fest itself was very well set up and parking was only a little challenging.

We left Wharton early taking the coast road and got there shortly after it opened. 

So, first of all – I can’t possibly post all the pictures I took.  Because, I took a bunch and my sister took a bunch and we shared.  So, I’ll try to choose the ones I liked best, made me laugh, or scratched my head over.  And, while I tried to pick up cards and match pictures to artists, I wasn’t always successful.  I hope the artists will forgive me.

Ross De La Garza

Al Hoeksema

Steven Garza
No, these are not functional reels.
These are pieces of art and just beautiful.

Seabirds from driftwood

Mark Millia

Larry Pile

Shawn Steichen

Painting, Pastel, Drawing

James Offeman

Yan Lee
These were unusual – you could
buy one square or several to get the look you want.


Shawn Corder
This little guy spoke to me and now
stands on my desk.

Different – many were made from wagons
or wheelbarrows

Kinetic Mermaids

Odd things

Fred Fisher
Fish Rubbings!  It’s a thing!  Who knew!


Aly Winningham
I had to look close at these mosaics as they have
a few odd things mixed in.

There were many Jewelry artists

This is one of the most beautiful beads
I’ve seen.  Making plain beads is hard,
making one like this, amazing.

I’m pretty sure only in Texas
do you find jewelry for your boots!

This is the one that spoke to me
The Goddess of Jump for Joy
by Suzanne Juneau

And, this little goddess came home with me too.

There were so many others.  All types of artists.  You need to make sure you go next year.

Our drive home was nice except for a great big rain that came along around Tivoli (a tiny place, smaller than tiny – 1 sq mile with 400 people).  Actually, we hit the rain on the way to Rockport and again, hours later, on the way back – and at about the same place.

Take care

Yep – a hill of oyster shells.
You just never know what you’ll see!

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