Tuesday, July 17, 2018



Recently I had a unique, fun, oh-so-cool, experience while visiting my family in New Mexico.  My two granddaughters and I drove up to Santa Fe.  Now, mostly I think, Santa Fe is known as an artist community and major tourist-end destination.  There are some beautiful shops filled with art of all sorts.  Including the place we went …….

We had bought our tickets on-line (something I strongly recommend) and got there just as they opened (yep – definitely I recommend because this is a hugely popular place).  So, I took about a zillion pictures and had to terrible time trying to decide what to post.  These are just a very few.  You should plan to go!!

In case you don’t know, Meow Wolf is a Santa Fe based arts and entertainment group.  It was established in 2008 as an art collective – “We are artists. We support artists. We make art… really big, immersive, and fun art for everyone… or something like that.”

The company is composed of nearly 200 artists across all disciplines including architecture, sculpture, painting, photography, video production, virtual reality, music, narrative writing, costuming, performance, and much more, I’m sure.

“We are a different type of company. We are legally registered as a public benefit corporation and certified as a Benefit Corporation or B Corp. We value more than just making money; to us that means bolstering our creative team, giving back to our community, and doing our part for the environment.”

It is a supremely marvelous place full of interactive weird other worldliness.  I had a great time!  Here we go ......

When we got there, we walked down a long, 
neon bright, crooked hallway …

 and found a farm house …..

We were warned upon entering

I neeeeed one of these!

  and from there it just got weirder ….

We crawled through a fireplace and
found another dimension.

In the other dimension, the
stars are on the floor

and the worms were in the sky.

This guy was swimming along 
through the neon water plants.

 A carpet room – floor, walls, furniture

You can play a tune on 
the laser beams

meet up with very large critters

and small ones.

Find musical mushrooms.

an odd room or 10
like a room of eyeballs or pipes and valves or zigs and zags or 
an upside down bus or a small RV or 

the Mad Hatters Tea Room or .......

Ok, I have to quit now.  You just have to go and see for yourself!

Take care

Heart? or Hearts?


  1. and fun! We walked through a refrigerator, down a spiral staircase almost too narrow for me, through hidden passages, and into all sorts of odd spaces. Very fun!