Monday, July 9, 2018

HOT and HUMID and …

I worked out in the yard yesterday morning for a couple of hours.  Yea me!  I know, this doesn’t sound like such a huge major thing.  However, I live in the Texas Gulf Plains where it is hot and humid a lot.  In fact, Hot and Humid are our descriptive words for most everything.  How’s things with you?  HOT, things are HOT and HUMIDWhat have you been up to?  Are you kidding?  It’s HOT and HUMID here – nothing.

Now, in addition to it being HOT and HUMID, we have been invaded by mosquitoes.  And I’m not sure why they’re here – for the past many months, at least at my house, we’ve only had small amounts of rain with many-long-weeks-of-dry-no-rain-or-even-thoughts-of-rain in-between.  No standing water.  No ponds.  No water garden containers.  And, I’m not talking about the odd one or two annoying, terrible, attacking, blood-sucking things.  No, no, I’m talking about dozens of hundreds.  They have been beating on the windows for heaven sake.  Walking outside is taking your life in your hands. 

However, yesterday I had several things I needed to accomplish outside so I dressed for the situation.

No?  Well, I thought about this …………. but decided I’d be a little puddle of sweat before leaving the garage.

I did settle on long jeans and a heavy t-shirt and then covered my clothes and every bit of exposed skin with mosquito repellent.  And, not the “natural” stuff – I dipped myself in DEET.  And, I just hate that.  Honestly, something that makes my eyes, nose, and throat burn just breathing it can’t possibly be good for my skin.  I do know there are many plants that can help control mosquitoes – I have several in the back yard.  However, when it’s as bad as this – no other option is considered.

Then, I spent two and a half hours, repotting, moving, and fertilizing plants.  And, was back inside by 9:30am. 

Plants for my daughter.

Plants fertilized

How was your weekend?

Take care

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