Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Ghosties and Ghoulies

I have a ghost cat.  And, while I’ve had several white cats in my life, none were ever named Ghost.   Nope, this is a ghost cat.

When I moved into my house, I had two small dogs and two big cats.  Neither of the two cats ever slept with me primarily because, like most people, I move around a bit while sleeping.  You know, turn from this side to that side.  Stretching my legs out or drawing them up.  And, on especially restless night, in and out of bed.  Pye and Nova didn’t like that – no moving – at all.  If I moved, they would jump down and go elsewhere.  Ultimately, they stopped sleeping in my bed.  They had their own beds.  All was well with the world.

Not long after moving into the house, I had the first of many unique happenings.  I went to bed as usual.  Turned off the light.  Was just on the edge of sleep when I felt one of the cats jump onto the foot of the bed, walk up to about my knees and stop.  I reached down with a hand to pet said cat and ……. no cat within reach.  So I moved my foot around a bit.  Encountered nothing.  Hm!

Turned on the light and no cat in the room at all.  Now, both my cats were big boys.  When they jumped off the bed, table, sofa or chair, they hit the floor with a THUD.  No thuds.  I got up to search – found Nova asleep on his blanket in the guest room.  Found Pye asleep in the yarn basket.  Hmmmmm…..Ghost cat!

Now, just so you don’t think – “yeah, right, batty old lady” …….  A some few years ago, my two middle granddaughters were here visiting.  Now, when the girls were both here, I put one in the guest room and one in my bedroom.  I sleep on the hide-a-bed.  I’m up early; they’re teenagers.  And, the hide-a-bed is ok, plus Morgan loves it because she can get up and down easily.  ANYWAY ---- Abby got up one morning and said “Mimi, you have a ghost cat!”.  Oh, did it visit you last night?  “Yes”, she says, “it was very weird.”

Take care
Pam and Snowball

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