Friday, January 26, 2018

Whine, whine, whine

OK – so our weather now is really a pain in the patootie.  At least, it is for me.  Right now, we are having cold nights and early mornings and warmish afternoons. 

Honestly – this is perfect winter.  Lows = 40°'s at night and
Highs = 60°'s during the day.  Sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy but no 
freezes or ice or snow.  And, in all honestly, I hope it stays like this through
February and into the middle of March.  Then, we can have spring. 

 So, you ask, why are you whining?  Well, here’s the thing.

I’m a morning person.  Morning people get up early and get going early.  Back in the day, it wasn’t unusual for me to get to my office an hour early to play catch-up (no phones, no people with problems). 

Right now, the work-in-the-yard itch is so strong, I am ready to be outside by 8am. 

I’m full of energy. 

Ready to work, work, work.  Get rid of those weeds!  Move those plants!  Yahoo!

All the Elephant Ears froze.
However, I don’t like working in the cold particularly.  I have to wear layers AND a coat.  That’s just uncomfortable.  I tend to crawl around in my flower beds which usually are damp or wet, making my jeans damp or wet.  Ick – cold and wet. 

See all that lovely green?
And normally, I’m pretty much done working outside by noonish (gone are the days when I could and did work in the yard for 8 hours).  I’m ready to come in, do things around the house that don’t require me to heft bags of soil or mulch, make multiple trips to the green trash pile carrying armloads of dead stuff, pull up/dig out a multitude of weeds and other problem plants, dig up and move many plants, etc.

Problem is – it’s cold at 8am still.  Doesn’t really warm up until 1pm or so.  I’m not nearly as motivated to get started at 1pm. 


Whine, whine, whine.

Take care.

Althea or Rose of Sharon

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