Thursday, January 25, 2018

Heeellllpppp meeeeee …. Fiiiixxx thhhisssss

My yard and plants are talking to me every time I either look out the window or go outside.  I know what it is --- the “work in the yard” itch is starting to make itself known.  It always happens about this time of the year.  But, past winters have been much warmer so getting out and doing small things was ok.  Maybe not this year.

Of course, the gardener in me also knows that the labor force of one, needs to wait until warmer weather is more dependable before whacking dead looking stuff back to the ground.  Lord knows, we could have another freeze or two.  This is, after all, still January.   Personally, I think the magic day of temperatures starting to warm, is after Mardi Gras (laissez les bon temps rouler!) – this year Feb. 13. 

I’m having a similar problem with my potted plants.  They’ve been living in the garage since November and are thinking it just might be time to go back outside.  No no no – it was 37° at 6:30am today.  Still pretty chilly.  Frost on the pumpkin and all that.

My oldest grandson was out last weekend and cut back the ginger for me.  Yea!  I know that’s coming up from the root.  The freeze means no flowers this year.  Boo, Hiss.   I looked around my flower beds and was pleased to see that the oregano survived the ice.  So did the tansy and borage. 


Happier Bay Tree

My bay tree is looking happier.  Everything else pretty much looks – well, dead.  The valerian is just gone and the Mexican mint marigold is very sad.  Sage, savory - nope.  Still not sure about the lemon grass, mint and lemon balm – those are still brown and dead looking. The comfrey is hugging the ground but I'm pretty sure it will be fine.

I do plan on rearranging some of the “stuff” in my yard.  Getting rid of a few things and moving others around.  Hopefully that will quell the yard itch for a while. 


Take care.

Jasmine which looks
surprisingly good!
Again - Yea!

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