Saturday, January 27, 2018

Shoal .. Wake .. Coalition

I was reading a book earlier today and at one point the main character is trying to remember what a group of ravens is called.  It’s an Unkindness – An Unkindness of Ravens.  And so, my curious mind wondered that groups of other things are called. 

This all fits into the mental file labeled useless information I may need one day to astound and impress others I was surprised – just about everything has a “group” name other than litter, herd, bunch, or pack.  I picked out just the ones that tickled me …

A GROUP OF :                    IS CALLED A(N)
Alligators                              Congregation
Armadillos                            Roll

Bats                                     Colony or Cloud (Cloud – I like that)
Butterflies                            Flight or Flutter (Any question – Flutter)
Camels                                Caravan, Train, or Flock (Really?? Flock??)     
Cats                                     Clower, Clutter, Comfort  (kittens are a kindle)
Chickens                              Brood or Peep (From here on it’s a Peep of Chickens!)
Cockroaches                        Intrusion (Yep – absolutely!)
Elephants                              Memory
Flamingoes                           Stand or Flamboyance
Gulls                                     Colony or Screech (Lived in Galveston–definitely a Screech)
Hummingbirds                      Charm

Hyenas                                 Cackle
Opossum                              Grin
Mosquitoes                           Scourge (Yep, yep, yep)
Porcupines                           Prickle (hahahaha – had to include this)

Rattlesnakes                         Rhumba (somebody made that up)
Sand Dollars                         Purse (Gee – I’ve found a Purse of sand dollars before)
Toodlers                                Tumble

I am obviously easily amused!

Take care
A Cast

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