Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hahahahaha – giggle – snort – hmmmm

Flowers in my yard.
This was a post I wrote back in October.  I had all sorts of flowers blooming.  It was nice.

 So, I thought I’d follow it up today with another post about the yard.  It wouldn’t be completely unusual to have pansies, alyssum, ground orchids, buttercups, roses – all budded out or even blooming.  Of course, we have had more winter this season than the past bunch of years …..
Late January 2017

January 2018 – Flowers in my Yard.

First of all – I don’t usually mind winter.  Gives me and my yard a time to relax.  Of course, we haven’t had much winter over the past 15 years.  For the most part winter tends to be 60° highs and 40° lows with the odd freeze or two.  That works for me.  Mostly, we’ve had a bunch of “winter” months where it was necessary to turn on the AC.  I don’t like that too much.  Yesterday we had a Dallas-type ice storm.  Temps never got above 30°, it was overcast, and it sleeted off and on all day long.  I can’t even remember the last ice storm we had here. 

OK - What's in my Yard?  Well, first of all, when I went outside at 10:30am, the temperature was 28°.  That’s warmed up from 19° when I got up this morning.  That’s just wrong.  I live in the Gulf Coast Plains.  I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to be 19° - ever.  Then, the ground crunched under foot – crunched as in walking on ice covered grass.  Everything is still covered in ice although at a balmy 28°, it is melting – sort of. 

Pretty Amaryllis in Oct 2017

not so pretty Amaryllis

Ice covered Bromelaid

No Ginger this year


Aloe - looks good
Nope, completely encased in ice.
Will be mush later today.

Positive thoughts here - Could be worse – could be this cold will last until April.  However, by Saturday (that’s 2 days from today, Saturday) it’s going to be 75°.  While most of my herbs are frozen flat, the oregano and rosemary look fine.  The roses should be fine.  Everything else?  Pretty much done.  Well, gives me a chance to try new things.

Take care.

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