Monday, February 17, 2020

Work, Work, Work

Saturday dawned with very mild temperatures and blue skies.  And, finally I heard the sirens song.


So, by 8am I was out and working.  Now, I would like to say that the back yard looked like a meadow all abloom with wildflowers.  It did not.  It looked like someone had not mowed for several weeks (well, it is still winter according to the calendar).  As it happens, we are having spring.

The dandelions (which I don't really mind too much) have gone to seed

The henbit, clover, wood violets, and anemones are all blooming.  Actually, I can deal with all those.  However the sowthistle and cleavers are coming up like rampaging ogres. 

These two, I just don't tolerate well at all.  Both will totally take over the yard.  Both have to be  pull up/dug up. 

However, out came the trusty little mower and I got about half the backyard done.  And, then

my San Antonio granddaughter arrived.  She came over for a work weekend.

She took over the mower and finished the backyard and tackled the front.  It looks beautiful.  So you don’t think I simply lazed around while she worked, I weeded flower beds.  Pulled up and/or dug up all of the above plus grass, chickweed, plantains, and a little tiny wandering jew that is happy to take over completely.  Then, after making 573,539,489 trips back and forth to the trash pile, I called it quits.  Dragged myself into the house thinking it must be, AT LEAST, 4pm (probably closer to 5) to find the clock sitting at 230. 

Ugh – somebody is getting old.

Saturday night everything hurt up to and including my hair!

However, Sunday morning I was rejuvenated and was, once again out bright and early.  Sunday included a trip to buy several bags of potting soil.  Home again, and I dug up the huge firespike, a datura, and four roses.  They all were moved into containers.  Got Vicky to help me empty and move the cast iron cauldron.

 Planting to be determined

My granddaughter had to leave by noon on Sunday so I quit outside and did all the really fun and exciting inside stuff – you know, laundry, vacuuming, bathrooms, and such.

This morning I, once again, was outside by 8am to finish digging up and moving plants – St. John’s Wort, Moonwort, Aloe, Dittany, Oxeye daisy, some ferns, 2 more roses, and some of the Jewel of Opar which comes up everywhere.

The backyard is looking, not perfect, but not too bad.  Mowed (check), flower beds weeded (check), plants dug up and moved (check).  Once again – all my muscles hurt as well as my back, front, toes, hair, and eyeballs!  And, I have yoga tonight!  I wonder if I can do an hour of this ……..

17 Feb 2020


  1. Oh my goodness - you're reminding me of why I have aspirations of being a gardener & why those aspirations never make it to fruition. But good for you! I noticed that our wild onions need mowing - but they can just WAIT as far as I'm concerned!

  2. Yard work is hard work. Good job!

  3. Wow, what a lot of work! So great that your granddaughter came over to help!

  4. Grandchildren are gold. You tell Miss Victoria we said so.

  5. I hate those sticky weeds. Everything is budding like crazy. Spring is finally here and the rainy season is starting. It won't be enough, we will always be under drought conditions.

  6. Well done, that is a lot to achieve in a few days. I enjoy weeding. Not good at planting though.

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