Monday, February 3, 2020


As every knows, yesterday’s date was a palindrome.  02.02.2020.  However, Did You Know?  According to CNN, the last date palindrome was November 11, 1111 or 11.11.1111 (a few years in the past).  The next one will be December 12, 2121 or 12.12.2121 (a few years in the future).

It’s Girl Scout cookie sales time.  Since I was a girl scout, a girl scout leader, neighborhood chairman, and council representative, I always buy cookies!  I don’t think scouts go door-to-door any longer (scary world that we live in) but instead set up booths in front of stores and in shopping centers.  They also can set up websites for their cookie sales.  My grandniece is a brownie scout and this year I was able to order cookies from her via the internet.  Very cool!

February is “Declutter for a Cause Month”.  Ugh.  I don’t even like the sound of that.  One article I read issued a challenge - get rid of one thing every day for a month.  (Yeah, right, that's not ever going to happen!)  I am looking at having to downsize (declutter) in the very near future.  Not something I want to think about and besides, I don’t have any clutter, so there!

Today is

American rock and roll musicians
Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and "The Big Bopper" J. P. Richardson
were killed in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa on February 3, 1959.

Today is also “Feed the Birds Day”.  Good.  Nice.  I’d love to look out at my bird feeder and see this 

 Unfortunately, I’m more apt to see . . . .

Still finishing up projects.

Of course, one of these was supposed to be for the sofa – matched colors and everything!  But that was back when I was thinking I was getting “cute/cuddly” kittens; not the Demon Duo.

Today started out with a beautiful sunrise and the promise of blue skies

But no –

gray, overcast, humid, coolish, windy

Tonight is yoga –

Yeah – not in this life or any of the past ones!

3 Feb 2020


  1. Your brownie handling sales via the web site blows my mind. I cannot imagine those little children doing that. And telling their parents what to do in their absence!

  2. I was a Girl Scout in Germany. We did a lot of cool stuff. I remember that five troops in the Mainz area got together and we all went on a 20 mile hike into the mountains. It was hard but so much fun. We got to see the beautiful country side and little towns. We didn't hike back. It was getting dark when we reached our marker and there was a bus to take us home. I had a great time while my dad was in the Army. Girl Scouts was a gas.
    We had a few drops of rain and that was all today. That yoga pose is ridiculous.

  3. I like your doses of reality up there, yes, what actually happened, not the curated version!

    Your pillows are lovely. Can you stop at two? I can't seem to. I had to stop when a friend pointed out that I was running out of room for people. Maybe I can get another sofa, though.

    1. I plan to stop making pillows and instead I want to take the completed pieces (of which there are many!) and put them together as a quilt or duvet.

  4. Bye, bye, Miss American Pie. What song commemorating this sad day.

    I was a Brownie, and when my daughter was a Brownie, I was the Troop leader! What a lot of work! I've had to give up the cookies -- too tempting and my diabetes would spiral out of control. Don't know what I'll do if/when my grand daughter becomes a Brownie. No doubt I'll have to buy cookies and then leave them secretly at neighbor's doors.