Monday, February 24, 2020


My day . . . . . .

Up at 6:30, as usual.

Did all the kitty chores, as usual.

Did my 20-minute pick-up around the house, as usual.

Checked out a few things on the computer, as usual.

Washed my face, brushed teeth, fussed with hair, changed into clothes I can leave the house in, checked my grocery list, got together everything I needed to take/return/replace, found my voters registration card - - - - 

All “as usual” things.

Left to run errands.

Went to the library and to Tractor Supply (a sort of hardware store).

Went and voted.

Went to the grocery store.

All as usual things.  And, from here, it all went downhill ………….

When I got home, I opened the back door to see this

 What in the world???

Stepped into the house and looked into the kitchen


The new box of sandwich bags (150 fold-top bags) out of the pantry and sandwich bags everywhere – empty box laying a little further into the dining room.

And, lest you think I went off and forgot to lock the pantry door ………

Zack (and I KNOW it was him) managed to jiggle the hook off BUT didn’t dislodge the spoon.  AND STILL ONE OR BOTH MANAGED TO GET INTO THE PANTRY.

I don’t know.  Don’t know how they got in.  Don’t know how they got out.  I don’t know.  These are big boys - tipping the scales close to 15 lbs each.  Big cats - big.

I opened the pantry to find

On one side, everything knocked askew.  The box of sandwich bags gone (see above).  And, the box of kitty treats EMPTY!  Note: the lid to the treat box is on the other side of the pantry.

On the other side

The brand new bag of cat food ripped open.

Again, lest you think these poor kittens are starved . . . .

I turned around, walked out of the kitchen to the small jar of deep dark chocolate with almonds.

Very Nutritious, 
Powerful Source of Antioxidants, 
Improves Blood Flow and Lower Blood Pressure, 
May Reduce Heart Disease Risk, 
Could Improve Brain Function, 
Helpful in Murder and Mayhem Conditions.

And, popped a big piece in my mouth.

Then, I shut myself in the kitchen, cleaned up the mess in the kitchen, and put away groceries.

And finally, I contemplated my options.

Nope!  Zack moved that chair in about 2 minutes. 

Among all the odd and unusual things I have, there is a small but heavy, cast iron cauldron.  Moved that in front of the doors. 

No, he shoved that right out of the way.

Next, I moved my very heavy chopping block in front of the doors.

Well, that would work except both of them jumped right up on top of the fridge where I have many breakables.

So, no.

Right now the doors to the kitchen are closed and the Demon Duo are sleeping on the sofa. 

Cute, right?

I’m going to go take half a dozen ibuprofen, sit down, and read my new library book for a while.

24 Feb 2020


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  2. Here is my last kitty advice. Put the kibble and anything else they eat into a tin pail or big tupperware. Ditto the things they find entertaining, like sandwich bags. Leave the doors open.
    Toby cannot abide a closed door. All my closet doors are open, so he can just go in and be sure no booger men live there. He howls when he finds a closed door. It took me a while to convince him he cannot come into my bedroom at night, but we're OK with that now.

  3. May I give my two cents worth? Go buy those small bungee cords. they are about four to six inches long. You can string them through the handles on the pantry and hook them together. Before I got married I had two cats living at my mom's house. They were forever getting into the cabinets. The bungee cords worked like a charm. Try them. I think Walmart has them or even Lowes.

  4. As a non cat owner I find this hilarious (in a totally NOT superior laughing at you sort of way). So glad I just have to worry about my husband (and frankly in my house he's the one who should be bungee cording the cabinets - ha!).

  5. Argh, to the max! The day started out so well....

    How about kitty CBD? Legal in your state? Mellow those suckers right out when you are away from the house!! I like your remedy, though, chocolate! Well done.

  6. I'm sorry I laughed so hard. If a cat can get it's head through, the rest can usually follow. I'd suggest hang a heavy object from the hook. Then, or instead - depending on how industrious the little beasts are, a hook or loop be added between the doors to run the spoon through, and get a piece of dowel that just fits through all 3 places. This will reduce the distance the doors open. We'll not discuss why I know this *should* work. For a while anyway.