Thursday, February 13, 2020

This Week

     has been a busy week.  Though, I’m not totally certain what I’ve done that’s kept me so busy.  Lets see . . . . . house stuff, errands, project work, yoga, my new library book, uhmmm, garden club, genealogy, some laundry, deal with the Demon Duo (which seems to take more time than you might think) and other things.

A couple of news items caught my attention.

 (Image credit: NSO/NSF/AURA)

Nope, not chunks of gold, not caramel popcorn, not toffey.  There’s a new solar telescope in Hawaii that has captured never-before-seen pictures of the surface of the sun.  Very cool.

Then, there was this –

Trump weaponizes the Presidency after impeachment victory
A CNN headline

Well, didn’t we all expect this?  I’m back to not looking at the news again.

I went to the grocery store one day.  I try, try very hard, to buy things only on my list.  I was not successful this time …

The Amaranthus tricolor “Josephs Coat” just jumped into my basket.

As did three pairs of gardening gloves, a new hummingbird feeder, starter pots, and a bag of soil.  When I got home, I planted the Amaranthus, some orange and lemon seeds, hibiscus (it makes a pink flower larger than my hand), and roselle hibiscus (the one from which hibiscus tea is made).

And, speaking of plants – my ground orchids (Spathoglottis) are blooming.

 As are the Queen’s Tears ((Bilbergia nutans)

Okay – earlier this week, the Demon Duo and I had a “come to jesus” meeting.  I have a large pantry in my kitchen.  A few months ago, I had to put a latch on the door because Zack figured out how to open the pantry.  The new latch is a large hook and eye arrangement.  It’s worked well.  Back to – “earlier this week” - well, I walked in the kitchen FIRST THING IN THE MORNING and found the pantry doors unlocked.  This can’t be good.  Opened the doors and, lo and behold, someone had torn open the large bag of dry cat food and spread it all over the shelf.  Then, just in case there might be something else, that someone ripped open the small bag of dog food I keep on hand for Minnie (Ellen’s dog).  ARGH!!

Cleaned up that mess and chastised both boys severely.  Then, I went about my morning routine.  Rattle, rattle, rattle.  What the …….

 And as I watched, with mouth hanging open in horror, he rattled and jiggled the doors until he got the latch off.  AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!  Please do not think for even a tiny bit of a second he was hungry – nope – there were 2 (two) bowls of food on the floor next to him. 

 New pantry locks

The Wharton Garden Club meets the 2nd Thursday of every month.  That was today.  And, this time I was one of the food hostesses.  Remember I said I made Pork Hand Pies?  I took those –

and Raspberry Peach Pies

The program today was about things to do in the garden now that spring is mostly here for us in south central Texas.  It was very good.  And, someone brought seeds to share.  I brought home yellow angel trumpet and orchid tree seeds. 

Tomorrow – more planting!  And, if it warms up a bit, I’m going out with my clippers and loppers and start cutting!

13 Feb 2020


  1. The seeds just happened to jump into you basket. Really? David says the same thing when I send him to the store and he comes home with his favorite ice cream. Those pies look so dang good. Tomorrow will start off in the 30's. Stay warm.

  2. I once had a cat like that (note, I did not say a cat that smart!) I put a wooden spoon through the cupboard handles. He went on to other tricks I had to solve, but he stayed out of the cupboard under the sink. And I didn't even keep the cat food there!

  3. Clearly, Zack is the EINSTEIN of cats! But even he will be defeated by that wooden spoon!

  4. I'll bet your yard is fabulous. The only thing that stops me from buying all the plants & seeds is that I am a sloth. I figure if Mike is going to do all the work then he gets to pick what to plant :)

    1. Well, right now, my yard is a huge weed patch. Hopefully tho I'll be able to get out this weekend and start putting my herb garden into some order.

  5. I'm jealous you are having almost-Spring-like conditions. Here in Colorado we are in the thick of winter, with snow and chilly temps. I relate to your shopping experience -- things always jump into my cart when shopping for plants! Oh, look, what a lovely hummingbird feeder!

    You seem to have a lot keeping your busy, and those pies look divine!

  6. One of each of the pies please.
    Clever kitties! Apart from once eating our Christmas turkey George hasn't been too bad about stealing food.

  7. Those cars are amazingly dexterous. Here's hoping the wooden spoon puts a stop to raiding the pantry.