Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Yesterday was spring warm.  Temperatures reached 78°.  I wore shorts all day! 

Today, I think we reached the high temperature at 12:01am when it was 65°.  Since then it has steadily gone down heading to tonight’s low in the 30’s.  And then by Saturday it’s supposed to be back in the mid-70’s again. 

February tends to be the month when Texas weather doesn’t know if it’s winter or spring, so we have both depending of the whims of the gods.

We have a new community organization here in Wharton.  A young woman has started a sort of community outreach program (Hesed House) that consists of everything from yoga to art to lectures to gardening to a general “hang-out” place for all ages.  All the programs are free.  I attend her yoga classes which are a little different from what I’m used to – she works on building core strength.

Last night I attended a lecture at Hesed House offered by the Wharton Historical Commission.  It was given by one of Wharton’s oldest residents – he’s about to celebrate his birthday of 102 yrs.  He reminisced about Wharton in the late 1920’s.  And wow!, was I impressed.  Wharton was a ‘doin’ place.  There were all sorts of businesses – railroad, blacksmiths, glass blower, cotton gins, bakeries, automobile dealerships, farm stores, clothing stores, shoe stores, several grocery stores (from small family run to Piggly Wiggly), drugstores, hotels, laundries, theaters (including an “opry” house), and, of course, a red light district run by Cow Pen Annie.  It was an interesting evening.

So far, I haven’t let the Demon Duo outside.  Too many feral cats in our neighborhood, too many loose dogs.  However, lately they’ve both shown great interest in getting out.  And early this morning as I walked out for just a moment, Daryl escaped.  He headed immediately for the ginger jungle and refused to come out. 

After several efforts to call him in, it was dark and cold and wet and sleetly feeling, I gave up and stomped into the house.  FINE!  STAY OUT THERE AND BE WET AND COLD!

After a while, I looked out and he was wandering around, calling for his brother but settled for me and came inside.

Do not let this cute innocent photo fool you – this is the primary
troublemaker/what can I get into kitty.

I made a judgement error yesterday.  I opened one of my genealogy books, signed onto Ancestry (for just a second), and got lost in time again.  So far today, I’ve managed to ignore the book beckoning to me but . . . . . . 

Today is National Shower with a Friend Day.  Its purpose being to bring some humor into the dreary month of February and educate people on the benefits of showering in fresh water.  The day was registered by a water filtration company that wants to sell you a house filtering system since the gods only know what is in city water.  Still, I thought it was amusing though disappointing that it wasn’t about water conservation or sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.  Whatever appeals to you.

It is also my baby brother’s birthday.  Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to you. 

Off to the kitchen to make Pork Hand Pies (from my Book of Hobbit Cookery).

5 Feb 2020


  1. Pork Hand Pies? Sounds good. Kitties think they know better until they become cold, wet, hungry, and lonely. Then they want their mommy to let them back in.

  2. I'll be right there for the Pork Hand Pies. In about, hmmm, 22 hours. Sheesh - you live a long way away! (And I just checked the distance from where we lived in Ohio - only 17 hours. It's weird that I'm further south now & further away from Wharton. Anyway...

  3. I hope Hesed House makes a go of it.A great first program.

  4. That community organization sounds like so much fun. Take advantage of all they have to offer.