Saturday, January 1, 2022



to all!!

And, why Black-eyed Peas?  Well, one southern legend credits the "lucky" reputation to the Civil War. According to the story, Union troops ignored black-eyed pea gardens when raiding Southern farms, as they regarded them as feed for livestock (hence the nickname cowpeas). With no other crops to eat, Southerners relied on the untouched black-eyed peas to get them through the winter and were lucky to have them. 

Tradition in Spain says 12 grapes or raisins eaten just before midnight (one at each chime of the clock) will bring good fortune for all 12 months of the year, as long as you finish all 12 before the final stroke!  

 Because of their deep emerald color (think money), hearty greens like kale, spinach, and collards are believed to bring wealth (and of course health!) on New Year’s.

 Be sure to include a garnish of parsley as it will ward off evil spirits.

 A stir-fry of unbroken noodles is a tradition believed to bring good health and luck in the New Year. Those who can eat at least one long noodle without chewing or breaking it are said to enjoy the longest lives and best luck of all!  

 One last one - cornbread, because its color is similar to that of gold, is traditionally enjoyed by those hopeful for a prosperous year.

 No food interest?  Well, maybe First-Footer is your choice (the first person to cross the threshold after midnight on New Years Day).  Traditionally the preferred First-Footer should be a dark-haired man.  Women, or men with fair hair were thought to be unlucky. The unluckiness of fair-haired men is thought to stem from the Viking invasions, while a fearfulness of women may stem back to the notion of the Cailleach, a crone goddess of winter and death who took the form of an old woman who, should she come knocking, would undoubtedly mean peril for those inside.

You just never know what works.  Myself - I've got my black-eyed peas and cornbread all ready.

It appears 2022 is tossing out a surprise for us already.

We have been experiencing spring here – well since summer ended in November.  However tonight it’s supposed to get pretty damn chilly with a freeze forecast tomorrow.  Then we go back to spring.

Have a good day –
relax, read, watch mindless tv, wear a mask if you go out!
A happy, prosperous, healthy, safe wish to all.

1 Jan 2022


  1. Vikings at the door? Yeah, that's bad luck! May you be Viking-free in 2022 -- Happy New Year!

  2. First footing has always been a tradition in my family. I'm from the land of Viking raids, so it's not surprising!

    Happy New Year, and be sure and take care of the Hoppin John today, just so we all stay healthy, wealthy and wise. Well, we can dream..

  3. A happy New year to you too, Pam. Hope it's a good one.
    I didn't know about any of those food traditions.

  4. We didn't have black-eyed peas - I wonder if kidney beans work just as well? No? But anyway, we did have spinach.

    That first footer thing is interesting. We haven't had anyone in our home since... I can't remember the last time! When our dryer broke back in early fall? I'll be interested to see who our first visitor will be this year! We are due to have my dad & his wife over, and he used to have dark hair...

  5. Debra as descendants of Vikings I resent that.snort*** I don't wear I heard it or who told me but I take a black eyed bean and put it in the 4 corners of the house. east west south and i think.