Sunday, January 2, 2022

Observations – again


I was off visiting my daughter and son-in-law over the holidays.  They live in Albuquerque, NM.  Both granddaughters were able to be there so, I got to spend quality time with everyone.   Albuquerque is a very nice city – smallish and easy to get around. 

A few fun facts –

At an elevation of 5314 feet above sea level, Albuquerque is the highest metropolitan city in the US.
According to weather bureau records going back over 50 years, Albuquerque receives 77% of all available sunshine.
Every October Albuquerque is host to the world class Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in which over 800 hot air balloons participate.

It has a charity that helps find homes for prairie dogs.
Albuquerque's success as a city is largely attributed to the fact that it's on Route 66.

They have things there we don’t have here - - - like mountains,

The Sandia mountains are called that because they turn a lovely shade of

watermelon in the evening.

They also have Roadrunners.  A species of fast-running ground cuckoos with long tails and crests. They are found in the southwestern and south-central United States and Mexico, usually in the desert. Although capable of flight, roadrunners generally run away from predators. On the ground, some have been clocked at 20 mph.

This is a “Where’s Waldo” photo only it’s “Where’s the roadrunner”.

My daughter and I spent much quality time walking around her neighborhood.  It’s a nice area and I always see picture-worthy things.

Totally cool, right??  A big giant saguaro cactus planted right in the front yard. 

Except, that one’s a fake.  Saguaro cactus don’t grow there.  Still pretty cool as a yard decoration.

These little free book stands are all over her neighborhood.  Lots of mystery and romance reading goes on. 

Then we came across this yard – Yard Art Supreme!

Not too far from her house is the Paseo del Bosque Trail where we did some serious walking.  It’s very pretty and runs along the Rio Grande. 

Weather was perfect while I was there – upper 50’s during the day, mostly sunny, very chilly at night.  It waited until I left to turn windy and snow.  It was a lovely, wonderful, happy visit. 

but, it’s nice to be home

2 Jan 2022


  1. What a cool place. And a great trip. Still nice to be home, yes.

  2. How lovely! I'm glad you had a good visit. And I LOVE those yard art faces! Very cool!

  3. ooh, when I lived in Roswell, New Mexico I used to drive to Albuquerque and make money off college kids on the pool table at some bar by the campus..paid my rent for a year off them kids..