Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Stuff and Nonsense


Win – ring

That’s the kind of weather we’re having here.
A combo of winter and spring all occurring within a few days.
30 degrees on Sunday,
28 degrees on Monday, and
70 degrees on Tuesday.

My plants are very unhappy.  They’ve been experiencing Spring since October.  Everything was happily blooming.  Now, they look pretty pitiful.  Ah well.

In an effort to keep various plants from freezing, I covered them.  Not totally sure that really does any good.  But today, I uncovered everything.  Spoke comfortingly to each one (Grow DAMNIT!  Or I’ll jerk you out of the ground and throw you on the burn pile.)

Change, Change, Change

Something has happened here while I was out of state.  When I left big W, at least 88% of shoppers were still wearing masks.  Not perfect but good.  When I got home, maybe 20% are wearing masks.  I’m pretty sure I’d have heard if there had been a total cure of Covid and all its derivatives – even in the badlands of New Mexico.  Make it a part of your inner self!  Wear a mask!

Useless but Interesting Bits

Today is Earth to Perihelion Day. (yeah – I had to look it up)

The Earth is closest to the Sun, at its perihelion, about two weeks after the December solstice and farthest from the Sun, or at its aphelion, about two weeks after the June solstice.

Today is also Trivia Day.  So, here we go – Did You Know?

The hashtag symbol is technically called an octothorpe.
It’s been said that nearly 3% of the ice in Antarctic glaciers is penguin urine. (who, do you think, measures that?)
Baby porcupines are called “porcupettes”.


Last night I went to yoga – first time in nearly 3 weeks.  I must give credit to my daughter that I was able to do any of the poses (she and I walked – every day)


ok, not that one

or that one

BUT! I could do this one!  Yay!

And, bonus – nothing hurts today.

And, that’s all I got –


by Shel Silverstein

My skin is kind of sort of brownish
Pinkish yellowish white.
My eyes are greyish blueish green,
But I'm told they look orange in the night.
My hair is reddish blondish brown,
But it's silver when it's wet.
And all the colors I am inside
Have not been invented yet.

4 Jan 2022


  1. I see you model your "comforting plant talk" on that of the demon Crowley in "Good Omens." His plants were so terrified, they grew lush and thick!

    "Porcupettes" -- my new Word of the Day!

    And I love that poem by Shel Silverstein, love it!

  2. That is a sad plant - they must have got quite a shock to the system. No wonder with those crazy temperatures.
    Porcupette - now, that's a sweet word!
    Yes, please wear a mask!
    Shel Silverstein - we have laughed his writing since my daughter learned a poem by him in school. She did a great performance of "Im being eaten by a Boa Constrictor" when she was little.

  3. I love your choices of trivia!

  4. Poor plants. I'd say sad mumbly things before the burn pile pitch.

  5. What a lovely poem!
    Penguin urine? fascinating.
    It's true: we have loads of confused plants. Fortunately we don't get quite the extremes of weather you have.

  6. No I did NOT know that the hashtag symbol is technically called an octothorpe. Or about Porcupettes. So thank you for that trivia. And I LOVE that poem!!

  7. I dearly love Shel Silverstein! Must run now, have to measure penguin urine. You are so funny. 🐧

  8. I love Shel Silverstein sooo much..I have about 6 of his books and most of them I got copies of for the gg's..Lafcadio is still my oldest granddaughters favorite book.