Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Wow – it’s already October.  We’ve reached the point in the year that the months will fly by – at least that’s how it works for me.  I swear – Christmas is just a couple short weeks away!

September was a rainy month.  A friend of mine keeps track of such things and he says we had 9.08 inches of rain over 22 days.  Please note, this is just an observation, not a complaint.  This past summer was so very hot and dry the rain was much welcomed.  Of course, the bad thing about the rain is it awakened the

Mind Numbing Scourge 

Hundreds of millions of little freeloaders that zip onto unprotected skin and latch on before you realize they’re there.    

And, in addition to mosquitoes, here in my part of the universe, the rain has brought up the fire ants trying to dry out their underground tunnels and caves.  Walking through the back yard is dangerous.  I’ve taken to wearing my boots. 

Otherwise walking around the yard requires me to watch where every foot goes so I don’t walk into one of the mounds.  And, having done that in my life, I can tell you those annoying little (and all I can think of are really bad words here) THINGS will swarm your feet, legs, and other places before you’re even aware you’ve come in contact with them.  Plus, they work like ninja assassins – each one quietly gets a place and one-two-three, they all bite at the same time.

When the mounds appear in the yard, I have a simple solution.  I fill my largest container with water, set it to boil and then add a big squeeze of dish soap.  Then, I take it outside and dump it on the mound.

Of course, the thing about using this method is – the grass will die too.  This is not a problem for me (grass is much over rated in my opinion) but I expect Michael is having apoplexy somewhere in the ether net. 

I thought I’d go out early this morning and pick up branches and big sticks then start the odious process of mowing.  However, it was very foggy and humid out there this morning – drops of water were just hanging in the air along with sky-hanger spiders and the scourge.  Maybe later.

My sister gave me a bag of Ox Blood Lily bulbs the other day.  I did get them planted.  Then, I decided, I’d done enough outside because it is very humid and very, very, very, very warm (I can’t really say hot because it is only 80° but I assure you I’m thinking HOT) and I hadn't dressed correctly to discourage the scourge and, and, and.

Just sort of rambling in my thoughts today.

Take care.
Positive thoughts everyone!
It is October after all!

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  1. my weather app said high temp 81 but feels like 92 because of the humidity.