Thursday, October 18, 2018

Musings – pumpkins and things

I always think the flower for October should be this ….

Pumpkin Flower

It’s not, it’s this ….


    which is just odd since you don’t see a lot of blooming marigolds this time of the year. 

Another thought – I personally think pumpkins are good for (1) Jack-o-lanterns or (2) decorating the front porch.  I have always thought, when I grow up I’d like my front porch to look like this in October and November.

Hasn’t yet – this is as close as I’ve come so far.  Hmmmm, maybe I haven’t grown up yet. 

(Of course, there always the fact that I live someplace where the weather tends toward hot and humid more often than not.  Not sure how long those things would last in the hot and humid.  This guy does just fine.)

Please note – in my “Pumpkins are good for …” comment, I did not include cookies, muffins, bread, pie, soup, waffles, pancakes, tea, coffee, lasagna, hummus, chili, (heaven forbid) pumpkin alfredo or any other foodstuffs.  Nooooo – Jack-o-lanterns or Decorating. 

What, you ask, made me think of pumpkins?  I stopped by our library yesterday.  They are having a Posh Pumpkin Party soon and I was invited to vote on the best Posh Pumpkin.  Just a couple of the entries --

More musings ....... 

Only 13 days until Halloween.  Yea!  It’s always been one of my favorite holidays.  It’s sad that it’s lost so much popularity. 

Hmmmmmmm – 13 days till ….. Thirteen

Triskaidekaphobics – people who avoid the number 13

Many hotels have no room numbered 13 or even a floor 13, the numbering going from 12 to 14. 

Covens, historically have 13 witches

In the tarot, card 13 is the Death card – although it does not necessarily mean death just sweeping changes, endings and new beginnings, closing one door to open another.

If there are 13 people at a dinner table, first one to leave will die within a year.  Only way to forestall this is, everyone stands up together and walks away from the table. 

Wow – it’s late, I have to close now.

Take care

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