Tuesday, February 27, 2018

"Nothin' but blue skies do I see" Blue Skies, Willie Nelson

And yet another mostly clear, blue sky.  Wow!  Two days in a row!  Still – we are supposed to have rain Saturday and Sunday so I expect our blue skies will disappear soon.

I did manage to get about four hours of work in before collapsing on the ground.  I have in my back yard a small gazebo.  Originally it had to canvas top and screens that hung down and could be closed making it a somewhat mosquito-proof place to sit outside. 

However time and weather reduced to screens and top to shreds and I removed them.  Recently – maybe 2 years ago - I planted a wisteria to climb on and over the gazebo with the thought this will give it a new top.  Slowly but surely …….

Some day it will look like this

Right now, it looks like this

So, today I pulled out the tall ladder and added more chicken wire to the top to give the vining branches something to grow upon.  I noticed all sorts of buds – yea!  It’s going to flower in the coming weeks.

Many of the seeds are coming up




I know, I know - they pretty much look the same but soon ...!!!
Busy, busy day.

Take care

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