Monday, February 19, 2018

Planting many things

I do not limit myself when planting things in the yard.  For instance, so far this spring (and yes, it is February and, yes, we are having spring – possibly early summer) I’ve planted seeds for sunflowers, castor bean trees, fennel, thyme, parsley, coreopsis, spaghetti squash, catnip, mint, and a couple other things that have slipped my mind right this second.  Most were seeds I got free from a friend, some were seeds I collected from my plants last fall, and a few I bought. 

In addition to planting seeds, I also washed and planted all my yard art.  Right now, it’s the most colorful and eye-catching thing in my yard.

 Found him at a garage sale.

 So I know what time it is.

 Birds and witches and happy faces
and other stuff.

Dragons hide out all over the yard.

Well – everybody needs at least one

My ever producing apple, uhh pear,
whatever fruit tree.

Old sinks are good for many things.

Also have napping dragons.

The odd pelican or so.

A frog house

My oldest granddaughters first car.

And a bunch of other unusual stuff.

I worked in the yard today.  Dug up and moved nine plants.  Nine.  Nine good sized plants.  Pulled weeds, moved chunks of cement (I use them as flowerbed edging around the biggest bed) from here to there, dug up amaryllis bulbs, put down normal flower bed edging, put all the yard art out and around, and planted seeds.  Then I crawled into the house just before collapsing in the grass weedy yard.  My arms, legs, back, and brain are all very tired.

Take care.

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  1. well, I got all the dead stuff cut back but haven't planted anything yet. still have tons of weeding to do.