Saturday, April 22, 2023



As usual for me, early this morning I sat down at the computer to check the news, emails, blogs, and a few other things.  In the news, there was all the daily screaming and lamenting about politics, war, death, destruction, and

Scientists may have finally figured out why hair turns gray —
and how to stop it
(why?  gray hair isn’t unattractive and it doesn’t mean we won’t continue to age - somebody has too much time on their hands)

Superchat’s new AI chatbot lets you message historical and fictional characters via ChatGPT  The characters include notable historical figures like Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, Cleopatra or Neil Armstrong, plus those from public domain works, classic stories, or fairy tales, like Snow White or Medusa or Sherlock Holmes, as well as those that represent different professions, like gardeners, chefs, or therapists.(oooookay – talk to fictional characters and get the FICTIONAL answer??)

There wasn’t anything about what today is –


Every year, April 22 is celebrated as Earth Day.  It is an annual event where people should take time out to demonstrate their support for protecting the planet and its environment.

Here are a few things happening in my part of the Earth –

Lovely trees

I covet this one – a Live Oak with huge branches reaching for the ground. 

My catalpa tree is blooming


Wild Horsemint or Bee Balm


Pretty dandelions


Ditch lilies


My wild area


Lettuce patch



Catnip.  Honest to god – this should be with the wild section because it grows like ….. well, like wild!  The small flower – Pinks (I do know the real name – Dianthus but I like Pinks better)




And Babies

The last picture probably has little to do with nature but I do see the subject everyday and said subject is on Earth .....

Me – struggling with the whole “selfie” thing.  I am not talented enough to hold the phone at the right height/angle, smile, press the camera button, and not drop it on the floor.  Best effort.

So go out and enjoy your part of the Earth today.  And, consider what you might do to help our world survive.

 ps  I’ve been quiet these past many months for a lot of boring reasons but primarily because being on the computer (phone, kindle) for longer than an hour, very quickly makes my eyes so tired seeing clearly becomes difficult-to-really hard and reading is nearly impossible.  Argh!

22 Apr 2023


  1. I'm very glad to see you back, Pam. I've missed you. I'll take whatever I can get of your blogging, as and when you can, selfies and all!

  2. Thanks for popping up again on the reading list. An hour at a stretch is plenty to spend on the computer, in my opinion. Reminding us that it is Earth Day is the best use of computing that I have seen all day. You surely are making your land look lovely.

  3. That's a lovely selfie! And I'm coveting your wild area. Ours has gone almost entirely to bee balm - not that that's a terrible thing, but it's a little boring. Ha!

  4. I am always happy to see that you have posted. Your posts are informative and sometimes funny. Too bad about your eyes. Mine are bothering me. I'm thinking maybe my reported 7+ hours a day of screen time has something to do with the problem? 😂. But reading blogs is the best part of my life. Thanks for doing what you can.

  5. The catalpa is beautiful, and the lily. Babies are adorable. Great shot of the bird. I stopped dyeing my hair in locksdown and am very pleased with it. Grey can look GOOD.

  6. Yes! Every day should be Earth day! I have given up on selfies and the world rejoices! LOL!! My Dad had a catalpa tree except he called it his "worm" tree. Apparently, there is a caterpillar that will totally eat the leaves off the tree but it doesn't damage the tree. Now, I am getting old and you might have to look this up and see if this is correct. My uncle gave the tree to my Dad due to these "worms" that were good for fishing! The blooms are so pretty! Take care and I hope my comment about selfies doesn't stop you from taking them, you look good! x