Thursday, February 23, 2023

Sometimes …


Do you ever watch a video or see someone do something and think

Poof!  I could do that!  How hard can it be? 

Yeah, me too.  In the part of my brain where lives my 20-year-old self (well, nowadays maybe 30-year-old), a little voice will pipe up and say – Hey! You could do that!  Give it a try! 

Fortunately the 75 year old part of my brain says – Are you kidding??  No you cannot do that!

And, I usually listen to the current age speaking.  That said, the other day, at our outreach organization, Hesed House, a new class was being offered.

Cardio Drumming.  Two options – high intensity and low intensity. 

Now, if you’re not familiar with cardio drumming, “cardio drumming is, at its core, high-intensity drumming, that incorporates sufficient movement to be a whole body workout while remaining fun enough for anyone to do it”. 

OK, that doesn’t sound so bad, does it.  Because of limited space and equipment, participants had to register.  No prob-lem-o!  Went to the website and signed right up.  I’m in pretty good shape so, yes, signed up for the “high intensity” option.

Then, I did the number one bad thing …. I looked up cardio drumming on the internet.

So, here’s the thing, there are many things you should never query the internet on – health related problems, relationship problems, yoga, or CARDIO DRUMMING. 

I looked at a YouTube video. 

Scared the bejesus out of me!  Complicated steps, hands doing one thing, feet another. 

I can’t do that.  Maybe I just won’t go (but you did make a reservation, says the responsible brain).    FINE!  I’ll go but I’m standing on the very back row ‘cause the rooms going to be full of 20-somethings and I’ll be the only old person there and I’m gonna flub it BAD probably fall down on my fanny and get lots of pitiful looks and and and…….. 

Actually, it was none of that.  There were only four others, the youngest being maybe 40-ish and the instructor kept it pretty simple.  It was fun.  Plus I liked all the music and knew the words to most of the songs.  And, you get to hit a big ball with sticks!  How great is that!  

In the NEWS department ----- I’m gonna be a great grandma!  My oldest granddaughter (the one that got married in September) is pregnant!  Yay!!  Baby is due in August.  Everybody is thrilled and excited!

Not much else.  Still dealing with weird weather February.  Yesterday it was 85°F.  I surely hope that does not mean it’s going to hit 95° in March and then 100°+ on April 1st.  We already did that last year.  Don’t need to do it again.

23 February 2023


  1. I suspect cardio drumming is based on traditional Japanese taiko drumming, which is indeed quite a physically demanding art form. Good for you, though, for showing up and finding out the exercise version in your class is not the scary version you saw online! And congrats on your impending great-grandma status!

  2. Well, a future ggma in the drumming class! I'm glad you went and had fun, too.

  3. Your posts always add a "fun" aspect to the day! Thanks for one today!

  4. I'm glad you had fun with the cardio drumming. I myself would probably hit myself in the eye with a drumstick. Ha!

    1. Oh - and congratulations on the greatgrandbaby!

  5. I want to do that! I am going to look for it in this area - unlikely though that seems. And huge congratulations to you and Grand-Daughter! And the rest of the family.

  6. welcome to the gg club...your going to love it..a hell of a lot more than banging on a balloon with drums.

  7. Sorry I missed this February post from you and it's now April !!!
    The year is flying by.

    Take care, sending my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  8. Wow, how awesome, I'm glad you had fun, I'd love to do that. Congrats on the future great Grandchild.x