Friday, November 19, 2021

Time, Time, Time


Today, I may have too much free time.  I should be outside getting the last few plants in the ground (since the back porch is finished, I know where the rest go), but . . . nope not doing that.  Tomorrow. 

I should be moving the rest of my plants onto the now finished back porch, but . . . nope not doing that either.  Tomorrow. 

I should be repotting a few things, taking down my sister’s canopy, moving my work table to its new location, and so on and so forth blah, blah, blah.  But I'm not doing any of that.  Tomorrow.

Today, I am being the computer equivalent of a couch potato. 

And, I found a very cool site.

Back in the days before Siri and Google Maps, we used paper maps. 

I actually got quite good at using maps because I have a terrible, awful, bad sense of direction!  But, give me a map and I can usually figure out where I am in regard to where I am supposed to be. 

Now, to be honest, my preference of maps is something like this –

It involves imagination, fears, warnings and I feel certain that somewhere there is a similar road map to this as there are monsters, dragons, pirates, potholes, and other things on the highways as well.

The site I found is full of maps with all sorts of odd and interesting information.  For instance, this is the world map many of us grew up with.

However, this is how the world map should look.

Wonder or worry about population?  Well, here’s the population density around the world.  (My part of the world doesn’t look too bad.)

Closer to home, the population of middle America = both coasts.  And that tells you why property along the East and West coasts is sooooo expensive.  I’ll just stick to my gulf coast area.

I thought this was interesting – Land Use here in the US.

There were others that caught my attention but this is probably enough.  Don't want to wear out my welcome.

Think I’ll get up and walk all the way to the sofa and sit down with my book.  Tomorrow will be busy.

 19 Nov 2021


  1. Right. You do have too much time.

  2. Hmmm, looks like no one lives in Canada. But I know from personal experience that there's a FEW of us anyway.

  3. Scandinavia and Australia seem to be empty! But, but, I have friends there. Maybe I can sharpie in some little stick figures.

  4. Ooo - I love maps too! I used to get out the map on our road trips just to follow our route (Mike never needed a map - he has a great sense of directly, except for that one time we took a long winding road that ended at a river - ha!).

  5. everyone laughed at me when I used my map to find my cousin's house in Spring, Texas..gps hates me..

  6. I enjoy a good map. I love places names too. Sadly I am not very good at finding my way with a map. Just like reading them.

  7. I'm pretty good at procrastination as well.
    I have always loved maps. My mom taught me how to read a map from early on and then I also learned how to determine your position with a compass, a few landmarks in your surroundings and the position of the sun. Essential when you're lost on a hike. Even today...

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