Saturday, July 31, 2021



And, here we are – the end of July – already. 

For those of us here on the Texas Gulf Coast, hold on August is comin’ . . . .it’s fixin’ to get hot!

This, the last day of July, is . . .

Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day 

As I’m sure you all know, today is the day on which we are urged to take time to think about the rare and unusual instruments that have gone obsolete, or are otherwise beyond our ken.  Here are a few of the, uhmmmm, well, the simply odd. 

The Nellophone

(Greg – this one is for you) The Serpent Tuba


Also, today is

National Avocado Day

So, a few avocado facts -

1 One-Third of a medium avocado has 80 calories and contributes nearly 20 vitamins and minerals, making it a great nutrient dense food choice.

2 Avocado is basically a berry – a large one with a single seed inside it.

3 Avocados are available as both domesticated and undomesticated. Domesticated ones have a green skin, a fleshy body and a big-ish seed. The undomesticated ones have a black skin, somewhat fleshy body and a very large seed.

4 Scientists have unearthed evidences from a cave in Mexico’s Cuscatlán, which reveal that avocados were eaten as far back as in 10,000 BCE.

5 The word avocado comes from the Spanish word aguacate. This Spanish word is derived from āhuacatl – a Nahuatl word.  The word “guacamole” is a derivation of the Aztec word ahuacamolli, which translates loosely to “avocado soup” or “avocado sauce.”

A couple of follow-up things.

Remember I had to get a new tire??  When I asked the tire store guy if I could only get one (rather than replace them all), the guy at the tire store told me – yes, I could just get one but it wouldn’t match the other tires.

I assumed if it’s not going to match that means it’s gonna be green or blue – but no.

Another catch-up thing.  Back in June (6/22 Making) I wrote about soap making and the dandelion honey batch I had just made including the problems I experienced with that making.  Was it soap or was it not.  Well, here’s the answer –

It’s Soap!  This is Dandelion Honey Soap and it has benefits like –

1 It helps treat skin with eczema or dermatitis.

2 Can help treat skin infections and inflammations

3 It nourishes the skin with essential vitamins

4 And, it can help minimize skin pores, brighten skin tone, prevent fungal infections, help to clear wound marks.

I am never making it again because it was a pain in the patootie to do!

Finally, here’s what’s been blooming in my yard this month

Bauhinia purpurea – White Orchid Tree

Aristolochia macrophylla -  Miniature Dutchman’s Pipevine

Hypericum spp. – St. John’s Wort


Euphorbia milii – Red Crown of Thorns

Adenium obesum - Desert Rose


Lady of Shallot - a shrub rose

One other thing and then I’m done.  Recently I put up a picture of various herbs including my dill which was covered with hungry monarch caterpillars.  They at it to the dirt and left.  Sigh.  Fine! 

Yesterday I walked out to find

my curly parsley completely covered with little monarch caterpillars.  Today – just a few dead stalks left.  Double sigh. 

Have a good weekend y’all!


31 Jul 2021



  1. Monarch caterpillars are not our friend!
    If it weren't for the meme, I would take that for one of your very own kitties.

    1. I chose that meme because I have seen my cats do exactly that! Unfortunately they are so big that everything winds up knocked over.

  2. Loved the popcorn meme.
    Yeah I have the little Monarch caterpillars eating my herbs too.
    Last year I planted milkweed just for them and it was covered with butterflies. But the plant died in the winter freeze.

  3. I should eat more avocados. Thanks for the info about how nutrient rich they are.

  4. I love those unusual instruments - they're works of art too! I also love avocados. We got two rather large specimens in our veggie box this week.

    I should try dandelion soap - I have contact dermatitis and have had to use soap for "sensitive skin." I'll see if I can find some locally!

  5. One bad thing about avocados, in Mexico the crime cartels have moved in and taken over the industry. Not surprising I guess - they'll take over anything they can take money from. The tires not matching - IIRC it's the tire diameter that they talk of, and if too far different, can cause other problems over time. So you can be stuck buying 2 tires, having the new one shaved down, or risk even more expense later.

    I had to put any flowers brought into the house on the floor so sweet Mr Leroy could get his fill of sniffing them first. Drove DH nuts! I miss that cat.

  6. What a car man thinks isn't matching and what we think isn't. Blue would have been nice.
    Lovely soap but I remember your description of making it. Sounded much too much like hard work.

  7. I love avocados.. a lantana loves it's butterfly's and vice versa.