Saturday, March 13, 2021



There are few things in this world of which I am absolutely certain.  Mostly - - - I’m pretty flexible in my thinking.  However, of this there is no doubt -


I HATE TO PAINT for a number of reasons. 

1 I’m not really very good at it. 

2 The prep work takes as long to get done as the painting job itself. 

3 No matter how careful I am, I always get paint all over me AND all over other things NOT being painted. 

And, as I’ve gotten older,

4 My back always hurts about halfway through the job and it’s quit or have to crawl out of the room on hands and knees.

Recently I found a single white metal cabinet the perfect size and height to go next to my kitchen counter.  Extends the counter space (always a good thing) and gives me an extra drawer and cabinet space (another good thing).  It was rusted in a few places, paint peeling in a few more but exactly what I was looking for. 

Now, my kitchen appliances are, for god-only-knows-why, black. 

side note here:  appliances are supposed to be white.  I’m pretty sure there’s a rule about that somewhere.  They are not supposed to be black.

The counter tops are a black/white swirl.  So, I decided to paint the new cabinet a glossy black.  It should fit in with the appliances and pick up the counter top - - right?

Don’t tell me no – I don’t want to hear that.

Went to the paint store and explained to the guy what I needed, why I needed it, and how much I HATE TO PAINT.  The guy at the paint store has no sense of humor.  When I asked about what type of brush – he suggested a roller.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha snort, giggle sighhhhhh

Using a roller - not only would I have paint all over me, there would be paint on every single thing in the room where the job would be done.  No, no roller.  Then, he picked out a glossy black paint that is oil based.  You know – the type you cannot clean up with using soap and water.  The kind you need mineral spirits to clean up with.  And, a $10 paint brush.  Did I want mineral spirits too, he asked. 

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha snort, giggle sighhhhhh

No thanks.  I’ll go to Walmart and get half a dozen $1 throw-a-way brushes. 

So, here it is – in process.  I’ll post another picture when it’s finished.  Not today.  Probably not tomorrow but hopefully in the foreseeable future.


I’ve spent much of this past week working in the yard at the “house-for-sale” in town.  Of course, everything froze.  And, since it is the “house-for-sale” I figured I needed to get the yards looking at least presentable rather than horrifying.  So, I cut back what should be cut back, left a few things I’m not certain about yet, and generally cleaned up both front and back yards.

side note:  My apple watch lies. After spending four hours cutting back things and carrying it all to a trash pile for city pick-up, the watch tried telling me I’d only walked 3 miles.  It lied!  I’m sure I walked at least 10, probably 15 miles!

Then, I started on the yard and plants at the new house.

Anyway – yard work has, once again, kept me so busy that by the time I crawl back into the house, I’m past tired and moving quickly into tired-and-unable-to-think-talk-walk.  I have been going to bed at 8:30pm because, I'm too tired to sit-up.  Honest-to-god - I think I'm getting old!

I tell you this to explain my sporadic blogging/reading but I will be caught up 

one day,

one day soon.

I hope.


13 Mar 2021



  1. I think your cabinet is coming along just fine, I really like that you're painting it black! I actually painted the walls in my room black seeing I couldn't stand the hideous color that they were.

  2. You have undertaken an big bite of work. The cabinet looks great.

  3. the cabinet looks great..but he should have sold you a latex and a foam roller.

  4. The paint job on your new metal cabinet is looking damn good!

  5. That cabinet is where I haul it outside and attack it with a spray can! when I paint rooms, which I haven't for a while, I plan on only one wall at a time. that way less disruption, not as tired when I finish the planned section, general better attitude on my part. I haven't done it in a while, because nowadays climbing up even one step is not as advisable as it used to be!

  6. I've never really painted anything (except I did spray paint a cork board for my own nefarious purposes). I think I helped paint my bedroom when I was a teenager? I don't know - it all sounds like work to me, which I studiously avoid!