Friday, March 5, 2021

… and things that go bump in the night.


A Story
About ghosties, and ghoulies, and . . . .

Last night was a weird one.

I’d had a very frustrating and stressful afternoon with the HVAC system and changing the filter – so frustrating that I’d finally called my sister to come over and help me.  It was that or throw the damn thing into the street, jump up and down on it for a while, kick it around and leave it for the lions, tigers, and bears. 

She helped me get the problem sorted out.

Afterward, I spent the evening completely tearing out a week’s worth of bead work on a new project.  Grrrrrrr.

Obviously, not a pleasant, fun evening.

Finally, I decided to just give it all up and go to bed.

Now, these days, both cats sleep with me.  Zack comes to bed when I do; Daryl comes in a little later.

And, so I got settled in bed with a large cat right next to me.  As I lay there, I heard something that sounded like the storm door rattling. 


Now, I don’t know about you, but I tend to have conversations with myself.  One side of my brain – the Logic side – said – it’s nothing, go to sleep.  The other side – the Adventure side – said – we should check it out.

I sided with Logic.

Time passed.  I felt Daryl come in and snuggle into the bed, me, his brother.  Then, I heard an odd noise.  Like something slid across the floor or counter top.  Turned over and looked to see both cats, heads up, looking toward the hallway.

Once again – Logic said – nothing, go back to sleep.  Adventure said – check it out!!!!

Again, I sided with Logic.

And, as I was settling down into the pillow, the blankets, getting comfy, I heard

something / someone giggle.

Looked at both cats.  They were up and peering intently down the short hallway to the dark kitchen and living room.

Ok, Adventure won.

I got up.  And, turning on every light switch as I went, checked out the house.

There wasn’t anything there of course. 

My last thought before sleep -

Damn!  They’ve found me!


5 Mar 2021


  1. Cats do this sudden looking to freak out humans! Check in daylight in case you had some evening critter around outside?

  2. I've always sided with logic and gone to sleep. Then in the morning realized I didn't lock the front door. Or did I?

  3. Thanks for sharing, that's definitely a bit spooky!

    There were times our cat let my wife and I know that someone else was in our room with us which we weren't able to see, by making it very obvious!

  4. Oh my gosh - I would have hightailed it to Ellen's. Ha!

  5. Cats always have that Look where you're just not sure if they've noticed an Intruder and present Danger, or if they're just Freaking you Out?