Friday, November 27, 2020

The Day After


I hope those that celebrated, had a good Thanksgiving.  My plans included

1 my SA grandkids arriving Thursday
2 meeting my daughter at Matagorda beach on Friday
3 spending the day enjoying the ocean (we’re having summer – again)
4 having a picnic at the beach
5 having my granddaughter spend the rest of the weekend (grandson was to go home with his mother).

None of which happened.  I found out Tuesday, there is a slight possibility that I have been exposed to COVID.  Emphasis on the slight – however, I did the adult, responsible thing and canceled my part of the plans and decided to isolate until test results are back.

Not that I missed the whole turkey thing – I don’t actually care too much for turkey.  Growing up, my mother did not “do” Thanksgiving so I don’t really miss it as a holiday.  Instead we spent the long weekend at the beach.  Which is why going to the beach feels more normal to me than not.  What I missed was being able to spend precious time with my grandchildren and daughter.

Small Town Goings On

Last weekend Hesed House (our community support organization) hosted a Christmas Fair.  And my sister and I went to that.  Booths were spread out a bit and people wore masks.  Crowds weren’t bad and it was easy enough to stay the recommended 6feet from other humans.

There were quite a few vendors selling all sorts of things

 Wood yard decorations

Bakery products



Wood cutouts

And metal

Our local animal rescue was there with

I spoke with two young men that make
soap and bath products

Country Q’s
Being a soap-maker, I’m always interested in
talking with others.  They had soap,
lip balm, lotions and other things.

It was very nice and even better, all the booths had customers buying.

Plans Awry

I had planned to get the above up yesterday but, things changed quickly.  In the morning, after doing the everyday morning stuff, I sat at my computer to catch up on the world.  Again, I tend to have a progress – check the weather channel, read blogs, look at the news feed, check email, etc., etc.  However yesterday, I was stopped at the weather channel.  Yesterday – temps in the 80’s; Friday (today) temps in the 80’s with rain; Saturday more rain; Sunday same; and Monday temps would drop to below freezing.  Argh!

And where, you ask, were all my tropical and subtropical plants???
  Why, sitting on the north side of the house out in the open, completely unprotected.  Argh!

So I spent three hours Thanksgiving day, moving all my plants into one of the bays of my sister’s shop.  And, there they will stay until my shed is erected and ready for habitation.  Three weeks from now.

Of course the cold front is just as likely to fizzle out around Dallas and Monday will be 80 degrees.  Still not moving plants again until the shed is here.

Well – that’s all the news for today.  Take care everyone!


27 Nov 2020


  1. Sorry your Thanksgiving plans didn't work out, but better safe than sorry!

  2. So disappointing about all your thanskgiving plans,but good for you for doing the right thing and protecting everyone. Still, it's a downer.

  3. The weather channel says we will be deep in snow by the coming weekend. Not tomorrow, the next weekend. The local forecasters say we still will be in the forties and fifties.

  4. It's cool and raining right now. We had a pleasant simple Thanksgiving nothing big like my mother always made with 6 veggie sides and dressing and ham and turkey with gravy and two kinds of cranberry sides and 5 dozen hot rolls. It was always crazy and very depressing because my mom would always think that it wasn't enough food. Anywho, it's supposed to get down into the 30's and 40's starting Sunday night. I need to move my lemon trees, pineapple plants and veggie buckets into the shed with the heater and grow lights tomorrow. Lots of work to do.

  5. We stayed home for Thanksgiving, but Mike made a feast for us! He even made deviled eggs! And he bought me a pecan pie, which I ate in its entirety (over four days, but still).

    I'm sorry your plans fell through - hope you can make up some of that lost time at Christmas!

  6. Replies
    1. Yes - all is okay here - the test results were negative. Thanks for asking. BTW - The cold front arrived here yesterday and it's right chilly here. I suspect it's downright cold at your house!

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  8. I cannot wait for these days to be done! I keep telling myself that it is always darkest before the dawn.

  9. I think a Beach Thanksgiving sounds Idyllic actually!

    1. Glad to meet you! It is - specially here when the weather is usually warm enough to walk barefoot and in shorts. Plus - no cooking mess to clean up!